Which is the best book for PTE preparation?

Which is the best book for PTE preparation?

Which is the best book for PTE preparation?

Top 6 PTE exam books

  • The Official Guide to PTE Academic.
  • Expert PTE Academic Coursebook B1 & B2.
  • PTE Academic Practice Test Plus – Volume 1 and 2.
  • Wiley’s PTE Advantage For The Academic Module (WIND)
  • PTE Academic Official Vocabulary 2020-2021.
  • Bonus: The PTE Academic Official Preparation App.

Where can I get PTE study material?

Pearson PTE. Pearson Official Website.

  • PTEstudy.net. Free Online Practice.
  • Quick Links. PTE Academic Tips.
  • Is Pearson PTE easy?

    Many people consider the PTE English language test to be easier than the IELTS test, however, other people disagree. Both exams test your reading, writing, speaking, and listening ability and are commonly used as part of applications for Australian visas or to study at Australian universities.

    Is Pearson PTE free?

    Our free, step-by-step test and scoring guides will help you to fully prepare for PTE Academic. Or explore our free online course with E2L. We guide you through the test and question types, and how to answer these effectively.

    Is 79 Pte easy to score?

    However, scoring 79+ in the PTE exam is always a tough nut to crack. No matter how much you prepare with PTE mock test or prepare yourself with material available, but if you are not aware of the minute details, then it is really going to be a tough job.

    How can I prepare for PTE at home?

    Check out the top 10 PTE exam preparation tools provided below:

    1. Plan ahead.
    2. Know what you’re getting into.
    3. Take lots of practice tests.
    4. Start studying vocabulary.
    5. Focus on your subject.
    6. Don’t ignore the other subject.
    7. Use good materials.
    8. Know question types.

    Which site is best for PTE?

    The best site for PTE preparation is thePTE.com because of the following reasons:

    • Up-to-date materials. Free PTE mock test.
    • Expert PTE trainers.
    • The best PTE practice platform.
    • The best set of 10 PTE mock tests.
    • Need a free PTE mock test?

    Is Pte valid for PR in Australia?

    Candidates going abroad would be glad to know that PTE Academic scores are accepted by the Australian Government as proof of English language proficiency for all visa categories including study and PR.

    Which PTE app is best?

    5 Best Apps for PTE Preparation in 2020

    1. PTE Tutorials (iOS and Android)
    2. PTE Academic Official by Pearsons (iOS and Android)
    3. PTE Exam Practice – APEUni /(iOS and Android)
    4. PTE – Practice, Mock Exams, Vouchers, Community (Android)
    5. PTE Preparation: Ready for Exam (Android and iOS)

    How can I crack Pte in 15 days?

    How can I crack PTE in 15 days?

    1. Get to know all the sections of the PTE test. PTE mock test free.
    2. Get trained by professionals. Free PTE mock test.
    3. Prioritize the items and your time. Free online PTE practice.
    4. Do at least ONE PTE mock test before your test. Online PTE training.

    How can I cheat in PTE exam?

    No, you cannot. There is no way to cheat in the PTE exam as there are some active security protocols in place such as stringent ID checking, biometric palm vein scanning and Voice signature.