Who is anasuya Bharadwaj father?

Who is anasuya Bharadwaj father?

Who is anasuya Bharadwaj father?

Sudarshan RaoAnasuya Bharadwaj / Father

Her father, Sudharshan Rao Khasbaz breathed his last today morning in Tarnaka, Hyderabad. He was 63 years of age and had been suffering from cancer for a long time. The family, quite understandably, is said to be deeply upset over the news at the moment.

How many children does anchor anasuya have?

two children
Anasuya Bharadwaj married Susank Bharadwaj and has two children.

Who is anasuya husband?

Susank bharadwajAnasuya Bharadwaj / Husband

Who is Anasuya in Ramayana?

Anasuya (IAST: Anasūyā, अनसूया “free from envy and jealousy”), also known as Anusuya, was the wife of an ancient rishi (sage) named Atri and daughter of Devahuti and Kardama in the Hindu epics. In the Ramayana, she lived with her husband in a small hermitage on the southern border of the Chitrakuta forest.

What does anasuya husband do?

anasuya gave answer to this question in an interview. She said that her husband is a financier and investment planner. She also said that in the beginning she used feel very sad by looking at the trolls and mems on her, but with the support of her family and especially with the support of her husband she overcame all.

Who is anasuya in Mahabharata?

Who is anasuya in Ramayana?

Who is Anasuya Bharadwaj?

Anasuya Bharadwaj is a South Indian actress and an anchor who was born and raised in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. After completing her MBA, she worked as an HR executive. She started her career as a newsreader on Sakshi TV. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What is the age of Anasuya?

Anasuya is 24 years old and born January 23, 1989.Presently Anasuya receives pay 10k per episode of day and 50k for audio and other functions.Among taste new generation TV hosts, we warm marry Beauty Anasuya take the lead at the time .Without doubt its tempting and seductive outfit shows skin plays a major role in winning the heart of young people.

Who is Anchor Anasuya?

Anchor Anasuya Age, Family, Caste, Photos, Complete Biography :Anchor Anasuyaa well known famous telugu anchor. Anasuya is a popular face on television and began his career as a VJ Maa Music in Morning Mantra and News Reader in Sakshi News shows.

What is the role of Anasuya in the film industry?

Anasuya hosted many films related functions like audio release function, film launch, movie awards so on and it is known as Jr Anushka Shetty in filmnagar.