Who is her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma?

Who is her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma?

Who is her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma?

The first wife of a Moroccan king to be given a royal title, she became officially known as Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Salma. Her Royal Highness, Princess Lalla Salma went to the headquarters of the Lalla Salma foundation for the fight against cancer in Rabat. HRH would be expected in Laayoune for a visit to the new regional oncology center.

Is Lalla Salma married to Mohammed?

Lalla Salma (born Salma Bennani, Arabic: سلمى بناني ‎, 10 May 1978) is the Princess consort of Morocco. She is married to King Mohammed VI, and the first wife of a Moroccan ruler to have been publicly acknowledged and given a royal title.

Who is Queen Lalla Salma of Morocco?

Lalla Salma has represented the King and Morocco in meetings and gatherings in Saudi Arabia, Japan, Thailand, Israel, Tunisia and France. On 29 April 2011, she attended the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton.

What did Princess Lalla Salma do to fight cancer?

In 2006, Princess Lalla Salma was named a Goodwill Ambassador of the World Health Organization for the Cancer Care, Promotion and Prevention. Besides being involved in cancer and HIV/AIDS prevention, she also supports and encourages women’s empowerment. Grand Cross of the Order of Isabella the Catholic of Spain (14 January 2005).

How many children does Princess Lalla Salma of Jordan have?

The couple has two children: Although her predecessors were private figures, Princess Lalla Salma became a public Islamic consort in the style of Queen Noor, the wife of King Hussein of Jordan, and Queen Rania, the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Who is Lalla Salma of Morocco?

There’s not a significant amount of information known about Lalla Salma, as wives of Moroccan rulers usually remain private with no titles. Lalla Salma was the first to be acknowledged publicly and given a title.