Who is Mercedes with Lance wallnau?

Who is Mercedes with Lance wallnau?

Who is Mercedes with Lance wallnau?

What is Mercedes Sparks’ role at LANCE WALLNAU MINISTRIES INC? Mercedes Sparks’ role at LANCE WALLNAU MINISTRIES INC is Vice President of Operations.

Who is Lance wallnau wife?

Annabelle WallnauLance Wallnau / Wife

What church does Lance wallnau attend?

Lance Wallnau Ministries is a Christian organization in Keller, TX whose mission is: Ministry Services….Organizations like Lance Wallnau Ministries.

Organization Lake Christian Ministries
Type 501(c)(3)
Location Moneta, VA
Revenue $465,993

Is Dutch a sheet?

Dutch Sheets (born William Dutch Sheets in 1954) is an American author, speaker, businessman, and pastor….

Dutch Sheets
Occupation Author, Speaker, Pastor, Businessman
Years active 1979 – Present
Known for Author of best-selling book, Intercessory Prayer; GiveHim15 Daily Prayer Videos
Spouse(s) Ceci ​ ( m. 1977)​

Who is Lance wallnau children?

Yes, Wallnau is married to Annabelle Naples. They got married on November 17, 1985, and together they have three children namely Lance Jr., Carl Alex, and Joy. The couple resides in Dallas, TX together with their children.

Are Jamie Lyn wallnau and Lance wallnau related?

Jamie Lyn and her husband Lance are happily married and living in the great state of Texas. Her heart is to encourage, empower and ignite generations to pursue Jesus and live this life WITH Him in all that we do.

Who is Pastor Gene Bailey?

Gene Bailey is currently serving as Executive Director for Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Executive Pastor at Eagle Mountain International Church in Ft Worth, Texas. Gene also fills the role of Executive Vice President of Kenneth Copeland Bible College and is also the instructor for Revival and Church History.

Where does Dutch Sheets live today?

Will, his wife, Michelle, and their children, Amanda and Joshua, reside in Fort Worth, Texas. DUTCH SHEETS is an internationally known speaker and author. He has written many books including bestseller Intercessory Prayer.

Where does Gene Bailey live?

Bailey died in Houston, Texas, at the age of 79.

What is flashpoint Gene Bailey?

Gene Bailey serves as Senior Executive Pastor of Eagle Mountain Church International and hosts Flashpoint and Revival Radio TV on the Victory Channel. Gene’s “revival man” calling continues to inspire and spark revival around the world. Mario Murillo rose from poverty in the Mission District of San Francisco.

Who is Lance Wallnau and what did he say?

Lance Wallnau – YouTube USA Today, the New York Times, FOX, have written about his role in the Cyrus narrative and Trump election. He warned about the rise of China, the “woke” mov…

Is Lance Wallnau preaching the original Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Please demonstrate by the facts, with exact references of his “ministry”, that Lance Wallnau is preaching the original Gospel of Jesus Christ. Show us all where the cross, the crucified Savior is being preached in his “ministry”?

Was Wallnau right all along?

When Wallnau’s prophesied date passed without his prophecy coming true, he initially insisted that the evidence confirming his accuracy was being “suppressed,” but now appears to have moved on to simply rewriting his own prophetic history in order to assert that he has been right all along.

Was Wallnau’s prophecy on Periscope accurate?

The promised revelations never materialized, but Wallnau responded to our post in a video he streamed on Periscope last Saturday by insisting that his prophecy had nevertheless been accurate. “They never mention anything I got right,” Wallnau complained, “which is why I’m particularly annoyed about being lumped in with prophetic inaccuracy.”