Who killed Jean Loring?

Who killed Jean Loring?

Who killed Jean Loring?

Jean Loring is resurrected as a Black Lantern and ended up brutally killing Damage in front of Ray. This act of brutality allowed the Black Lantern rings to reach one hundred percent power. After Jean tormented him relentlessly, Ray was able to use an Indigo Tribe staff to destroy Jean and her ring.

Is Jean-Paul Valley Azrael?

Jean-Paul Valley, better known as Azrael, is a vigilante who formerly operated out of Gotham City. At one point taking the mantle of Batman when the original was broken by Bane, he was forcibly fired from the role and returned to his position as Azrael.

Who plays Jean Loring in Arrow?

Teryl Rothery
Teryl Rothery (born November 9, 1962) is a Canadian actress. She portrayed Jean Loring in Arrow.

Who is Jean-Paul Batman?

Jean-Paul Valley

Alter ego Jean-Paul Valley Jr.
Species Metahuman
Team affiliations The Order of St. Dumas Batman Family Gotham Knights Justice League Odyssey Justice League Task Force The Colony
Notable aliases Johnny Valli Batman The Avenging Angel Saint Batman Knightfall AzBats

Who is Ray Palmer’s wife in flash?

Nora Darhk
Ray Palmer (Arrowverse)

Ray Palmer
Spouse Nora Darhk
Significant other Anna Loring (ex-fiancé; deceased) Kendra Saunders (ex-fiancé; deceased)
Relatives Bryce (4th great-grandniece)
Home Star City, Washington, US

What was Adam’s trump card?

Moira Queen’s trial Adam then served as the lead prosecutor in the trial of Moira Queen. Before the trial began, he informed Laurel that he had a “trump card” that will turn the jury against Moira; her affair with Malcolm Merlyn who is the biological father of Thea Queen.

Who trained Azrael?

9 THE SYSTEM. Jean-Paul Valley took on the role of Azrael after his father died in front of him wearing a version of the Azrael armor. When the Order arrived, Jean-Paul learned that he had been subconsciously trained throughout his entire life using mental programming which was known as “The System.”