Why does Six Flags take your picture?

Why does Six Flags take your picture?

Why does Six Flags take your picture?

At parks using photo IDs, we will simply take your photo at the time of your first entry to the park. When you use your pass again, we will present your picture to our employee to validate your identity. We will not scan your facial geometry or landmarks, nor perform any other type of analysis on your image.

Is Deja Vu still at Six Flags?

The first to open was Déjà Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain on August 25, 2001. Déjà Vu at Six Flags Magic Mountain has since been removed and relocated to Six Flags New England as Goliath.

What replaced deja vu Great America?

Meanwhile, Great America’s Deja Vu was relocated to Silverwood park at Athol, Idaho. There it now operates under the name Aftershock.

What should I wear to Six Flags Great Adventure?

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  • What is the average attendance to Six Flags Great Adventure?

    February 14, 2019, 1:37 PM · Six Flags reported its annual financial results this morning, with the company taking credit for a ninth consecutive year of setting a new revenue record. The company reported that overall attendance was up five percent, to 32 million guests in 2018.

    What bus takes you to Six Flags Great Adventures?

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  • How far is Six Flags Great Adventure from Philadelphia?

    Yes, the driving distance between Six Flags Great Adventure to Philadelphia is 52 miles. It takes approximately 58 min to drive from Six Flags Great Adventure to Philadelphia. Where can I stay near Philadelphia?