Why is it called 10538 Overture?

Why is it called 10538 Overture?

Why is it called 10538 Overture?

The song is about an escaped prisoner; Lynne wanted to give the character in the song a number, as opposed to a name, and he chanced upon the number 1053 while looking at the mixing console. Wood suggested adding an “8” to fit the melody better.

Did Jeff Lynne Sue Paul Weller?

Paul Weller – ‘Changing Man’ / E.L.O – ‘10538 Overture’ This didn’t slip by Jeff Lynne’s radar unnoticed though. Allegedly Lynne tried to sue Weller, despite the fact that the riff in question bares striking resemblance to The Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’. So there you have it, both crooks, each with a silly hair do.

Who sang lead vocals on 10538 Overture?

Electric Light Orchestra10538 Overture / ArtistThe Electric Light Orchestra are an English rock band formed in Birmingham in 1970 by songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood with drummer Bev Bevan. Their music is characterised by a fusion of pop, classical arrangements and futuristic iconography. Wikipedia

Who wrote 10538 Overture?

Jeff Lynne10538 Overture / ComposerJeffrey Lynne OBE is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer who co-founded the rock band Electric Light Orchestra. The group formed in 1970 as an offshoot of the Move, of which Lynne was also a member. Wikipedia

What album is 10538 Overture on?

The Electric Light Orchestra10538 Overture / Album

Are Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne friends?

It would have been frustrating if it hadn’t. It’s a good band, and Jeff is still a good friend of mine.” In 2012, Wood added: “The upside is that we did get two very different, but equally off-the-wall and awe-inspiring bands out of the split.

Did Paul Weller rip off ELO?

Paul Weller has admitted that he borrowed the descending guitar intro of ELO’s “10538 Overture” for this song.

Is Electric Light Orchestra psychedelic?

ELO was formed from the bones of the Move, a psychedelic rock band who consistently charted in Britain, but never broke into the US market. Together Jeff Lynne, Roy Wood, and Bev Bevan birthed ELO in 1970, eager to combine then-contemporary pop with classical flourishes.

What song does changing man sound like?

The guitar riff from Paul Weller’s musical mission statement The Changingman owes something (i.e. everything) to ELO’s first single, 10538 Overture. Paul’s producer Brendan Lynch sampled the ELO song, on the understanding that if Jeff Lynne sued, the settlement would come out of his share of the royalties.

Who influenced ELO?

Their own musical influences ranged from the Beatles to Chuck Berry. Their first single “10538 Overture” is a homage to the Fab Four and gave notice that ELO was interested in expanding the psychedelic blueprint first laid by their peers.

What instrument is on the B-side of 10538 Overture?

The B-side to “10538 Overture” was “First Movement (Jumping Biz)”, an instrumental by Wood. The song first appeared on the band’s debut album The Electric Light Orchestra in 1971 and features Wood on classical guitar, oboe and cello.

What is 10538 Overture by Lynne?

10538 Overture was an idea that Jeff (Lynne) brought along to the studio which was originally to be a Move track. After recording the basic backing track, the other guys went home, leaving Jeff and myself to run riot with the overdubs.

How many cello riffs did Roy Wood overdub a song?

I laid it down in the studio and Roy Wood got his cello, his Chinese cello, and he overdubbed about fifteen cello riffs, just double tracking all the time– and it sounded fantastic. We thought, it was like ‘Wow!’ and we just sat round playing it for days.