Can I put a bar in a living room?

Can I put a bar in a living room?

Can I put a bar in a living room?

A living room bar is simply a bar that is part of a living room. Instead of having a whole room of the house dedicated for this purpose, living room bars may either be a nook or corner in a living room, a type of furniture which is either freestanding or built in such as a bar cabinet or bar cart.

How do I make my room look like a pub?

Add a wooden table and chairs if the room has space. Add a beer tap to your bar, showing off a tap handle featuring Guinness or another favorite Irish brew. Even if you won’t keep a beer keg on tap, installing a handle or two makes the bar look like an actual working pub bar.

How do you style a bar area?

Fresh flowers, small lamps, artwork, trays, and glassware are all great ways to add style to a bar. It’s also important to edit and curate your bar area so that every bottle you might own is not on display (we know it’s hard– try to show some restraint!). Nobody needs to see your stock of Popov and Georgi bottles.

How do you construct a bar area?

5 Steps to Create a Bar Area in Your Home

  1. Decide Where to Put It. Like I mentioned, our teenagers hang out in our basement, while Dean and I and our (grown up) friends spend our time on the main floor.
  2. Add Stools.
  3. Make it Personal.
  4. Create Pretty Storage.
  5. Add Somewhere to Wash Up.

How do I design a home bar?

How To Design A Striking, Yet Functional Home Bar

  1. Find the Right Finishes.
  2. Choose Durable & Attractive Materials.
  3. Use Unexpected Accents.
  4. Create a Space with Personality.
  5. Location is a key component.
  6. Draw Inspiration from Commercial Design.
  7. Be Daring.
  8. Merge Style with Function.

How do I turn my living room into a nightclub?

Hang some fun things from the ceiling, such as multicolored lights, to create indirect lighting. Try pairing black lights with white floor pillows and neon-colored decorations to create that characteristic nightclub mood.

How do I turn my dining room into a lounge?

Here are a few ideas for how you can turn a formal dining room or old playroom into a comfortable entertainment and socializing spot within your home.

  1. Add a bar for drinks and/or counter height seating to gather with friends outside of the kitchen.
  2. Add a TV to watch big games and events.
  3. Add plenty of extra storage.

Where should a bar be placed at home?

A basement is a perfect space for building a bar because you have this whole floor of your house that you’re not doing anything with. It’s even possible to create a dedicated space for a bar even if you use part of your basement for storage or you have an area for doing laundry.

How do you turn a hall into a club?

Tour these fun-filled spaces, and learn how to make your own nightclub right at home!

  1. Make a Impressive Entrance.
  2. Choose Contrasting, Edgy Colors.
  3. Turn a Empty Corner into a Mini Bar.
  4. Create a Seating Area.
  5. Get the Lighting Just Right.
  6. Include Funky Furniture.
  7. Hire the Right DJ.

What is the best bar layout for a living room?

Consider a bar layout that’s more interesting than just straight or L-shaped. One of our favorites is this style that has 45-degree angles at two corners for a little extra space for sitting or standing.

How do you design a bar in a small house?

D. Conclusion. There are many home bar design ideas for creating a bar area for your home or apartment. If your home is small, you could use a cart for a bar or tuck a small corner bar out of the way in your living area. A smaller liquor cabinet could be a good addition to a smaller house as well.

How much space do you need around a bar?

Access aisles: 18” of space is needed from the backs of chairs on adjacent tables. Customer activity zone: 30” from bar edge on all sides of the bar and 10” from the edge of dining tables.

How high should a bar stool be from the floor?

The typical bar top stands 41 to 43 inches from the floor. Bar stools then need to stand 29 to 32 inches from floor to seat, which should accommodate most people.