Can we use ORDER BY in UNION all?

Can we use ORDER BY in UNION all?

Can we use ORDER BY in UNION all?

The UNION ALL operator can use the ORDER BY clause to order the results of the query in SQL Server (Transact-SQL).

Can we use UNION after ORDER BY?

Without a transformation, a statement that contains both ORDER BY and UNION would require two separate sorting steps-one to satisfy ORDER BY and one to satisfy UNION (Currently Derby uses sorting to eliminate duplicates from a UNION. You can use UNION ALL to avoid sorting, but UNION ALL will return duplicates.

How do you use ORDER BY Inside UNION?

You just use one ORDER BY at the very end. The Union turns two selects into one logical select. The order-by applies to the entire set, not to each part.

Can you ORDER BY column not in select?

Yes, you can order by a field(s)even if it is not your in your select statement but exists in your table.

How do you order a table separately while using UNION all?

SQL SERVER – UNION ALL and ORDER BY – How to Order Table Separately While Using UNION ALL

  1. USE tempdb. GO. — Create table.
  2. — SELECT without ORDER BY. SELECT ID, Col1. FROM t1.
  3. — SELECT with ORDER BY. SELECT ID, Col1. FROM t1.
  4. — SELECT with ORDER BY – with ORDER KEY. SELECT ID, Col1, ‘id1’ OrderKey. FROM t1.

Can we use ORDER BY clause in UNION in SQL Server?

As with any union, we can add another ORDER BY clause for the entire union to sort the final result set. Fact 7: You can’t use expressions when ordering a union….Guru: SQL Facts Of UNION And ORDER BY.


Does UNION preserve order?

2 Answers. No. You can never guarantee the order of the rows unless you put ORDER BY clause in the SELECT query.

Can we use two columns in ORDER BY clause?

By using ORDER BY clause, we can sort the result in ascending or descending order. This clause can be used with multiple columns as well.

Can we use ORDER BY and WHERE clause together?

You can use the WHERE clause with or without the ORDER BY statement. You can filter records by finite values, comparison values or with sub-SELECT statements.

Can I use ORDER BY before UNION?