Did Ford make a 6 cylinder 8N tractor?

Did Ford make a 6 cylinder 8N tractor?

Did Ford make a 6 cylinder 8N tractor?

But today, Funk-converted tractors are popular with collectors and enthusiasts. This nicely restored 1951 Ford 8N is running a 95-hp Ford industrial six-cylinder engine with a Funk conversion.

How many cylinders does a Ford 8N have?

The 8N features a four-cylinder, eight-valve engine with 120 cubic inches (ci) of displacement. The engine features 3.188 inches of bore and 3.75 inches of stroke with a 6-to-1 or 6.7-to-1 compression ratio, depending on the year. The 8N features a 23.22 belt horsepower with a 27.32 maximum.

How much is a 1948 Ford 8N tractor worth?

Prices By Model Year

1947 – 1948 $2,000 USD to $2,399 USD
1949 – 1950 $2,195 USD to $2,500 USD
1951 – 1952 $2,500 USD to $2,999 USD
1953 – 1960 $1,900 USD to $3,400 USD

How much horsepower does a 8N Ford have?

The 8N put out between 23 and 27 PTO horsepower depending on the engine and the year. The maximum horsepower of the Ford 8N for the drawbar in the second gear is 23.16. Belt horsepower at 2000 rpm 27.32.

How much is a restored 8N tractor worth?

Registered. Around here a restored 8n will fetch around $3000 give or take.

What is the horsepower on a 8N Ford tractor?

23.16 hp
Ford 8N

Ford 8N Power
Drawbar (claimed): 23.16 hp 17.3 kW
PTO (claimed): 27.32 hp 20.4 kW
Drawbar (tested): 21.95 hp 16.4 kW
PTO (tested): 23.24 hp 17.3 kW

How to install a starter on a Ford 8N tractor?

When replacing the starter on your 8N tractor, be sure you know if it is a 12-volt or a 6-volt system. Step 1 Pull the 8N tractor on level ground and shut off engine. Put transmission in a low gear so the tractor will not move while you are working on the starter. Allow the engine to cool completely.

How to rebuild 8N engine?

Engine Kit Fits. Ford Wheel Tractor w/ 120 Engine. Models 2N, 8N, 9N. Parts Included in Engine Inframe Kit. (4) Cylinder Kits (Sleeve, Piston, Wrist Pin, Piston Rings) (4) Connecting Rod Bearing Pair. (1) Main Bearing Set. (1) Inframe Gasket Set (Head Set and Pan Gasket) Parts Included in Engine Out of Frame Kit.

How much horsepower does Ford 8N have?

The 8N features a 23.22 belt horsepower with a 27.32 maximum. The tractor has 92 ft-lbs of torque, reached at 1,500 rpm. The Ford 8N has an operational weight of 2,717 pounds and a ballasted weight of 4,043 pounds. With a 70-inch wheelbase, the 8N features an 8-foot, two-wheel-drive turn radius.

How to operate a Ford 8N?

If your tractor is an 8N the lift can also be operated in Position Control mode. Move the small lever UP to use Position Control. In this mode the lift will move to approximately the same position the touch control lever is moved. Stop the Touch Control lever half-way and the blade stops about half-way.