Do I need carbon assembly paste?

Do I need carbon assembly paste?

Do I need carbon assembly paste?

It is absolutely necessary on some bikes, in some places. Particularly the seatpost. I’ve had a couple that absolutely would slip with proper torque applied if I didn’t use carbon friction paste. In most cases, it probably just falls into the ‘It’s always a good idea’ category.

What is the use of carbon paste?

Carbon grease/paste is often recommended as a way to reduce tightening torque on handlebars, stems and seatposts while reducing the chance of slipping. Finish Line Fibre Grip is a gritty assembly paste designed for use with carbon fibre parts in order to increase surface friction.

How long does it take for carbon paste to dry?

They tend to dry up after about 3~6 months. Or if they get into contact with water, sooner. And as a result, the seatpost tends to squeak !

What does friction paste do?

It is intended to reduce slipping between carbon and carbon (tipical issue carbon seapost/carbon frames).

Can you use Teflon grease on carbon?

No grease on carbon posts. Grease contains certain minerals that can attack clear coats, can penetrate the resin matrix and could cause swelling of the composite laminate.

What is carbon paste made of?

A carbon-paste electrode (CPE) is made from a mixture of conducting graphite powder and a pasting liquid. These electrodes are simple to make and offer an easily renewable surface for electron exchange. Carbon paste electrodes belong to a special group of heterogeneous carbon electrodes.

What is carbon assembly paste made of?

This is made from natural oils (petroleum-based ones are common in carbon paste), which we are assured are all non-toxic and readily biodegradable. Note that the use of carbon paste does not mean you can tighten bolts to lower-than-recommended torques.

How do you make carbon electrode paste?

Weigh out 0.7 g of graphite powder and place in mortar. Add 0.3 g of mineral oil (approx. 0.35 mL). Mix for at least 5 mins to make the paste.

Can you use normal grease on carbon?

What grease is safe for carbon fiber?

Finish line ceramic grease: “It is safe. As is our Premium Teflon Grease” to use where it can contact carbon fiber parts.

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