Does Germany give citizenship by marriage?

Does Germany give citizenship by marriage?

Does Germany give citizenship by marriage?

Spouses or registered same-sex partners of German citizens are eligible for naturalization after three years of legal residence in Germany. They must have been married or in a registered partnership for at least two years at the time of application. The general requirements for naturalization also apply.

Can spouse apply for blue card in Germany?

Spouse and siblings (under 18) may join the blue card holder. They do not have to meet the requirements for the blue card. Visa for spouse and children may be issued upon issuance of a national visa to the (prospective) blue card holder, so they can travel together.

How can a EU Blue Card get German citizenship?

The German Blue Card is issued for 1-4 years and can be renewed. After 33 months, you can apply for the settlement permit, and become a permanent resident of Germany. If you live and work in Germany for eight years, you can even apply for German citizenship.

Can I get permanent residency in Germany after marriage?

The residence permit will be temporary, but after a few years of marriage (usually two years) and time spent in Germany (three years), the spouse becomes eligible to gain permanent residence. During this time, the spouse can apply for permits that are for employment or study purposes.

What happens if I marry a German citizen?

If you marry a German citizen, you are not automatically entitled to German citizenship. However, spouses of German citizens are permitted to apply for citizenship by naturalisation much sooner than others: usually after two years of marriage.

When can my wife apply for citizenship?

The spouse of a U.S. citizen filing for naturalization on the basis of his or her marriage may file the naturalization application up to 90 days before the date he or she would first meet the required 3-year period of continuous residence.

Can spouse work on EU Blue Card?

Your spouse or registered partner will be able to work without salary restriction and without applying for a work permit in any occupation he/she wishes. None of your family members will be required to enter a language proficiency exam. They will receive residence permits that match the duration of your EU Blue Card.

What happens when you marry a German citizen?

Can spouse of EU citizen work in Germany?

If your spouse is an EU or EEA national, they can join you in Germany very easily and live and work here without restrictions. You do not need to apply for a special residence permit.

What are the benefits of getting married in Germany?

Spouse give each other up to 500,000 euros tax free, partners who are not married can only give 20,000 euros tax free. This option also applies in case of inheritance. Married couples are excluded from real estate transfer tax, when they transfer property ownership.

How long does it take to get marriage license in Germany?

The process takes around 3 weeks. 4 months before: Once you have assembled all required documents, book an appointment at your local registry office (Standesamt) to bring all the papers. Both people applying for marriage must be present, as well as an interpreter if needed.