How did Arsenal lose his arm Young Justice?

How did Arsenal lose his arm Young Justice?

How did Arsenal lose his arm Young Justice?

He changed his heroic identity to Arsenal, and later assumed the name Red Arrow when he joined the Justice League. At the end of the Cry for Justice storyline, he lost his right arm (and his daughter) at the hands of Prometheus. This marks the sixth animated iteration of Speedy.

What happened to the real Roy Harper Young Justice?

After he found out he was a clone, Roy’s life collapsed. He felt himself an empty carbon copy of the original, not worthy of attention or care. He allowed himself, and his relationship with Cheshire, to deteriorate because of his obsessive search for Speedy.

Why are there 3 Roy Harper in Young Justice?

You’ll notice all three gentlemen share the same last name. The reason for this is because Jim and Will are clones of Roy Harper, yet Roy is physically the youngest of the three.

Is Guardian a clone?

Background information. In the comics, Guardian is Jim Harper, a Golden Age hero who is cloned many times by the Cadmus DNA Project since the 1970s. He was later (in 1977) revealed to be Roy Harper’s uncle (the older brother of Roy’s father Will).

Does Roy get his arm back?

In the comics, it was the villain Prometheus who cut Roy’s arm off. He would later get a cybernetic arm which would become a signature part of his look.

Is Guardian a clone of Roy Harper?

Who is Jim Harper a clone of?

Early life. Jim Harper was cloned by Cadmus from the original Roy Harper. Although he was the younger clone chronologically, he was force-grown to be physically older than Red Arrow.

How old is Lian Harper?

5 years ago – Lian Harper is born, the daughter of assassin Jade Nguyen & Roy Harper, while he is hunting her with his new Titans team to bring her to justice. He takes custody of her once she is captured. 4 years ago – 1-year-old Lian lives full-time in TItans Tower with her nanny, Chanda Madam.