How do I access vSphere data protection?

How do I access vSphere data protection?

How do I access vSphere data protection?

Open the vSphere Web Client and click vSphere Data Protection in the left pane. If the status of VDP is reported as Not Connected, click Connect. Try restoring virtual machines and the actual instance of a backed up vCenter Server.

What is VMware vSphere data protection?

VMware vSphere® Data Protection™ is a backup and recovery solution from VMware. It is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server™ and VMware vSphere Web Client, providing disk-based backup of virtual machines and applications.

What is vSphere Data Protection Advanced?

vSphere Data Protection Advanced is a backup and recovery solution designed for vSphere environments and powered by EMC Avamar. It extends the capabilities of vSphere Data Protection, available with most editions of vSphere, with greater scalability and enhanced functionality.

What is HotAdd in VMware?

HotAdd is a VMware feature where devices can be added “hot” while a virtual machine is running. Besides SCSI disk, virtual machines can add additional CPUs and memory capacity. HotAdd is a good way to get virtual disk data from a virtual machine to a backup appliance (or backup proxy) for sending to the media server.

How do I know if hotplug is enabled?

Hot Add Memory/ CPU in vSphere 6 & 6.5 As with earlier version of vSphere, to enable hot plug or hot remove, the machine has to be shut down. Then the option can be enabled. Select the VM > Edit Settings. Memory: Virtual Hardware > Memory > Tick ‘Memory Hot Plug’ > Save.

What is vNUMA in VMware?

vNUMA (virtual non-uniform memory access) is a memory-access optimization method for VMware virtual machines (VMs) that helps prevent memory-bandwidth bottlenecks.

How does vSphere fault tolerance work?

vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) provides a higher level of business continuity than vSphere HA. It works by creating a duplicate (secondary) copy of the virtual machine on a different host and keeping the two VMs in sync.

How to get started with VMware vSphere security?

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What is benefit of using VMware data protection (VDP)?

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Why is Data Protection Suite for VMware?

Data Protection Suite is optimized for VMware backup and recovery. It provides a variety of options, including image-based backup and guest-level virtual machine backup: Image-based backup is a backup process for a computer or virtual machine that creates a copy of the operating system and all the data associated with it, including the system

How does Veeam work with VMware?

While transporting VM data, the source Veeam Data Mover performs additional processing. It filters out zero data blocks, blocks of swap files and blocks of excluded VM guest OS files. The source Veeam Data Mover compresses VM data and transports it to the target Veeam Data Mover.