How do I see what packages are installed in R?

How do I see what packages are installed in R?

How do I see what packages are installed in R?

To see what packages are installed, use the installed. packages() command. This will return a matrix with a row for each package that has been installed.

Where are installed R packages stored?

R packages are a collection of R functions, complied code and sample data. They are stored under a directory called “library” in the R environment. By default, R installs a set of packages during installation.

Which packages are in base R?

In src/library/ , you have all ‘base’ packages:

  • base.
  • compiler.
  • datasets.
  • graphics.
  • grDevices.
  • grid.
  • methods.
  • parallel.

Which packages are in Tidyverse?

As of tidyverse 1.3.0, the following packages are included in the core tidyverse:

  • ggplot2. ggplot2 is a system for declaratively creating graphics, based on The Grammar of Graphics.
  • dplyr.
  • tidyr.
  • readr.
  • purrr.
  • tibble.
  • stringr.
  • forcats.

How many packages are there in R?

R is distributed with fourteen “base packages”: base, compiler, datasets, grDevices, graphics, grid, methods, parallel, splines, stats, stats4, tcltk, tools, and utils.

How do I change where R packages are installed?

R uses a single package library for each installed version of R on your machine. Fortunately it is easy to modify the path where R installs your packages. To do this, you simply call the function . libPaths() and specify the library location.

What command lists your R version operating system and loaded packages?

You can use the packageVersion() function to print version information about the loaded packages. To print the version information about R, the OS and attached or loaded packages, use the sessionInfo() function.

Are packages and libraries the same thing?

A library is a set of modules which makes sense to be together and that can be used in a program or another library. A package is a unit of distribution that can contain a library or an executable or both.

What is the difference between package and library in R?

In R, a package is a collection of R functions, data and compiled code. The location where the packages are stored is called the library. If there is a particular functionality that you require, you can download the package from the appropriate site and it will be stored in your library.