How do you become a ninja in Dragonfable?

How do you become a ninja in Dragonfable?

How do you become a ninja in Dragonfable?

The first step to obtaining the Ninja class is buying the Itchy Itchy Paradise item. It is obtainable in three different places: Jubei’s Shop, Ayane’s Masks and Phil’s Funkies. It costs 3500 Gold, which may seem like a lot at lower levels – but it really becomes spare coins once you get at a certain level.

Where is tomix?

Tomix was born and raised in the village of Mortem, located at the western continent away from the Land of Dragons.

Where is Warlic in Dragonfable?

Warlic is widely known throughout Lore as the Blue Mage. He lives near Lymcrest, and has helped them with their troubles with Xan, in which he had a personal stake.

How do you get Technomancer in Dragonfable?

Technomancer is a trainable class unlocked at level 30 by turning in 1 Charged Cog to Yix in Popsprocket. It costs an additional 14 Charged Cogs to fully train this class.

Where is Secundus Dragonfable?

Helpful! Location: Father of Mine, From The Citadel with Love, Marzanna, The Beginning of the End, The End of the Beginning, Just Chillin’, The Fire Paradigm, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day One, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day Three, AdventureFriends 2: Edelia Day???

Where is Aegis Dragonfable?

Aegis is the Elemental Spirit of Valor and is the The Hero’s Soul-Ally. He can be found in Book 1 and 2 Ravenloss at the Equilibrium Gate and in Book 3 Pellow Village at the park.

How do you become a doom knight in Dragonfable?

If you have already been a DragonLord for 24 months or longer, you will automatically be eligible to purchase the entire DoomKnight set with the Necrotic Sword of Doom, DoomKnight Helm, Cloak and Armor plus 40000 DragonCoins for $64.95.

How do I become a DoomKnight?

DoomKnight, or DoomKnight V2, is the revamped and nonrare version of the DoomKnight class. It is obtained by buying all 4 DoomKnight Item DC packages.

Is Technomancer good Dragonfable?

Overall, these qualities make it an excellent class for both challenge fights and questing (i.e. The Exaltia Tower or The Timetorn Matrix). However, Technomancer is not without flaws. Primarily, the class has a significant ramp up time and no defenses beyond its MPM shield.

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Where can I find Warlic?

Warlic is found within the realm contained in The Portal by his large tents. After entering his portal, head northeast to find him. Warlic’s name in real life is JD Adams. The Archmage Warlic is tall, wears blue cloak with fur trimmings and has silver-white hair. If you talk to him, he will actually call himself a “blue mage.”

What happened to Jaania and Warlic?

Xan looks to have forgiven Archmage Warlic for his deeds in Book 3: The End of Magic, but Jaania has disappeared. With The Rose regaining power over Lore, Warlic and Xan were forced to hide from this organization, it also was to regain power from being divided into two beings, as justified in Corundum Corruption quest.

Why is Warlic called Warlic?

His name is likely a reference to “Warlock”, a type of magic user in fantasy, sometimes the male equivalent to a witch. Strangely in the “Xan’s Volcanic Fortress” quest (part of the Save Lymcrest series of quests) Warlic’s mana does not expand, but he uses it up like all other characters (this can be maybe explained as a gameplay feature).