How do you say metal in Spanish?

How do you say metal in Spanish?

How do you say metal in Spanish?


  1. meh. – tahl.
  2. me. – tal.
  3. me. – tal.

How do you say metal in Mexican?


  1. metal, el ~ (m) Noun.
  2. pala, la ~ (f) Noun.
  3. gesto, el ~ (m) Noun.

What is the translation of metal?

Meaning of metal in English. a chemical element, such as iron or gold, or a mixture of such elements, such as steel, that is generally hard and strong, and through which electricity and heat can travel: Metal, paper, and glass can be recycled. Silver, gold, and platinum are precious metals.

How do you say metal in other languages?

In other languages metal

  1. Arabic: مَعْدَنُ
  2. Brazilian Portuguese: metal.
  3. Chinese: 金属
  4. Croatian: metal.
  5. Czech: kov.
  6. Danish: metal.
  7. Dutch: metaal.
  8. European Spanish: metal.

What is the plural of nariz?

The last answer is, therefore, the correct plural form of nariz which means nose and narices means noses.

How do you say mantel in English?


  1. table-cloth, the ~ Noun.
  2. table-cover, the ~ Noun.
  3. linen, the ~ Noun.
  4. cloth, the ~ Noun.

What is the meaning of meatal?

meatal in British English (mɪˈeɪtəl ) adjective. anatomy. relating to, affecting, or forming a meatus. Collins English Dictionary.

How do you say iron in other languages?

In other languages iron

  • American English: iron /ˈaɪərn/
  • Arabic: حَدِيدٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ferro.
  • Chinese: 铁
  • Croatian: željezo.
  • Czech: železo.
  • Danish: jern.
  • Dutch: ijzer.

What is metal called in Sanskrit?


metallic element धातुः
metallurgist धातुशास्त्रज्ञः
metallurgy धातुशास्त्रम्
metalwork धातुकर्म
metalworking धातुकर्म

How do you say silver in other languages?

In other languages silver

  1. American English: silver /ˈsɪlvər/
  2. Arabic: فِضَّة
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: prata.
  4. Chinese: 银
  5. Croatian: srebro.
  6. Czech: stříbro.
  7. Danish: sølv.
  8. Dutch: zilver.

How do you pronounce nariz?

  1. nah. – reeth.
  2. na. – ɾiθ
  3. na. – riz.