How do you use atrocity in a sentence?

How do you use atrocity in a sentence?

How do you use atrocity in a sentence?

Atrocity sentence example It was the biggest terrorist atrocity in Spanish history. But Elizabeth did not profit long by this atrocity . The Prime Minister has movingly and appropriately articulated the profound sorrow we all feel following this atrocity .

What is an example of an atrocity in history?

The Atrocities section of the website focuses on the Nanjing Atrocities that occurred from December 13, 1937 through the end of March 1938. During this time soldiers from the Japanese Imperial Army ran riot in the captured Chinese capital, unleashing a spree of violence, murder, and rape on the population.

What is the use of atrocity?

Meaning of atrocity in English an extremely cruel, violent, or shocking act: They are on trial for committing atrocities against the civilian population.

What is this atrocity?

Definition of atrocity 1 : a shockingly bad or atrocious act, object, or situation the atrocities of war. 2 : the quality or state of being atrocious … the paralysing atrocity of the thought which occupied her.— Joseph Conrad.

What type of word is atrocity?

noun, plural a·troc·i·ties. the quality or state of being atrocious. an atrocious act, thing, or circumstance.

What defines as atrocity?

Dictionary definitions of the word “atrocity” point to acts of extreme cruelty, brutal actions typically involving violence or bodily injury, shockingly bad and ferocious deeds. Mass cruelty and acts aiming to destroy a particular group of people have arguably been a part of human behavior since ancient time.

What are synonyms for atrocities?

synonyms for atrocity

  • barbarity.
  • horror.
  • atrociousness.
  • barbarousness.
  • enormity.
  • heinousness.
  • nefariousness.
  • wickedness.

Which of the following is considered one of the worst atrocities of the twentieth century?

The Rape of Nanking (1937–1938) This was followed by six weeks of the worst atrocities ever recorded in human history. This carnage was later coined as the ‘Rape of Nanking. ‘ Many consider it the most heinous act of human depravity during World War II — which included the Holocaust and Stalin’s Gulags.

What is the root of atrocity?

1530s, “enormous wickedness,” from French atrocité or directly from Latin atrocitatem (nominative atrocitas) “cruelty, fierceness, harshness,” noun of quality from atrox “fierce, cruel, frightful,” from PIE *atro-ek-, from root *ater- “fire” + root *okw- “to see;” thus “of fiery or threatening appearance.” The meaning …

What is worse than an atrocity?

adjectivevery bad; terrible. abominable. alarming. appalling. atrocious.