How many pieces are in a brick bank?

How many pieces are in a brick bank?

How many pieces are in a brick bank?

2,380 Pieces
Lego Creator Expert Brick Bank 10251 (2,380 Pieces)

Is Lego brick bank retired?

I have just been told from my source that the LEGO Creator Detective’s Office (10246) and the Brick Bank (10251) have officially been retired. That means there are no more sets being produced and whatever sets you find on store shelves are the last remaining sets you’ll be able to find at retail price.

How much was LEGO Bank?

For Sale (New/Sealed)

(US) *** Best US listing for Brick Bank *** – 100% Verified Authentic and New BrickEconomy Choice $649.00
(KR) Creator Expert Brick Bank 10251 New & Factory Sealed $750.00 +38.1%

How do you Stealth a brick bank?


  1. Take the keycard.
  2. Near the roof access door, access the security room and input the keycard into the keycard slot.
  3. Navigate yourself to the computer and hack it.
  4. Run to the timelock and input the code.
  5. Wait until the timelock is done, inputting the code again if it needs restarting.

How tall is the Lego brick bank?

Brick Bank measures over 10” (26cm) high, 10” (25cm) wide and 10” (25cm) deep.

Will the Lego Titanic retire?

The current retail price is $629.99, however, the average price on the secondary markets is around $786 which could indicate the set is backordered or temporarily out of stock in various regions. The set is estimated to retire sometime within mid to late 2024.

How do you glitch in Brick Bank?

It is normally not possible to obtain the money in stealth, but you can glitch through the door by spinning with high sensitivity and bag the money inside.

How do you Stealth in downtown bank?


  1. Enter the bank.
  2. Obtain the keycard.
  3. Use the keycard to open the electronic door leading to the security room.
  4. Eliminate the camera operator.
  5. Go to the back parking lot and get the drill.
  6. Go to the employee cubicles and cable tie or kill the civilians.
  7. Cable tie or kill the main bank area’s civilians.

Does LEGO stop producing sets?

The LEGO Group wants to keep things fresh Repeating the same old LEGO City Police Station will become boring and bad for sales. That’s why retiring LEGO sets is part of the cycle. It is simply the business they are in. You could compare it to videogames.