How many times Gillette Venus Breeze can be used?

How many times Gillette Venus Breeze can be used?

How many times Gillette Venus Breeze can be used?

How often do I need to change the refill and how do I change it? Venus lasts for 2 -3 months or 7-8 times full body usage, depending on your usage. You can replace the refills when they are worn out. Push the button on your Venus handle to remove the old refill.

Is Gillette Venus Breeze reusable?

The handle of the product is reusable and blade refills can be attached to it. The handle has a firm rubber grip, which makes it easy to use in the shower. The razor is pain-free compared to other methods of hair removal like waxing or epilators.

How long does Venus Breeze razor last?


Simply Venus Venus Breeze
Benefits A use and throw product that gives smooth skin easily Glide strip with avocado oil and freesia scent
Refills available No Yes
When do I replace it?* *Depends on usage, based on once a week usage Lasts upto 2-3 weeks Lasts upto 3 months, then just buy a refill

Are all Gillette Venus blades interchangeable?

Since all Venus blade refills fit all handles*, you can mix things up whenever you want.

How do you store Venus Breeze after use?

After you rinse off your razor,try to store it in a dry place in the shower to help avoid rust on the blades.. If you have a plastic guard for your blade, this can also help protect it when you’re not using it.

How long do Gillette blades last?

The manufacturer recommends a razor blade that can be used for 1 month or an equivalent of 20 shaves. However, depending on your shaving pace, condition of the hair, and shaving technique, the blade can last you up to four months.

Can we use Gillette Venus Breeze on face?

This hair remover can be used by any woman/girl on face, arms, underarms, legs and full body including the sensitive bikini area. In built gel bars with avocado oil and body butters for glide. Scent of freesia flowers. Flexible pivoting head that glides smoothly along your curves.