How much does a Goyard cost?

How much does a Goyard cost?

How much does a Goyard cost?

A Goyard tote bag can cost between $1,200 and $2,500 and up. Your final cost will depend on the color, design and any customizing you choose.

Can men carry Goyard?

A multiple and varied offering for men. Because men are also entitled to have a bag which suits their lifestyle, we carry many flagship designs from Goyard for them to choose from.

Can you buy Goyard online?

Goyard doesn’t list them on its website, and Goyard does not do online sales. In fact, the brand doesn’t disclose the price (via email or phone, either) except when you purchase at the Paris boutique.

Is Goyard owned by Gucci?

Jean-Michel Signoles bought Goyard in 1998, and turned the privately owned company into an internationally renowned brand. The brand is known for a certain amount of secrecy. Little is known of the origins of the iconic interlocking Chevron pattern, seen on many Goyard bags.

Are Goyard bags unisex?

Goyard’s classic “chevron” pattern looks great in its own right without any brand embellishment, and its unisex appeal makes it a favourite among the men and women working in the world of fashion. Goyard is also a very mysterious luxury brand – Have you seen any ad by Goyard? Of course not.

Why is Goyard expensive?

Goyard bags are lightweight, well-made, and easy to maintain; they are like an heirloom, which is why they hold resale value. The bags are an insider luxury bag, but one that doesn’t scream luxury. The brand’s exclusivity and secrecy are contributing factors to the appeal their items hold for fashion lovers.

Why does Goyard cost so much?

Goyard is a mysterious luxury brand that thrives on secrecy, confidentiality, and exclusivity. The brand doesn’t advertise its products; it believes exposing too much will create a stain on the luxury status. It is safe to say that Goyard isn’t accessible, which is one of the reasons it is so expensive.

What company owns Goyard?

Kering is involved in brands including Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Saint Lauren, and Balenciaga. Unlike these brands, Goyard sales are fueled solely by their own reputation of excellence. You can count on the fact that Goyard will never create a product with the hopes of satisfying an investor.

What is a Goyard bag?

Goyard bags are an iconic statement piece for any man, and with their lightweight, but durable design, a Goyard bag is an investment in a life-long heirloom that men and women can pass from generation to generation. BUYMA’s online Goyard Store offers these exclusive Goyard bags at the best prices.

What is a Goyard wallet?

Goyard is known worldwide for its intricate craftsmanship and marked durability. Each wallet is waterproof, making it perfect for on-the-go use and travel in any climate. The hand painted Goyardine pattern is instantly recognizable, and is synonymous with high quality and luxury.

What is discover The RealReal Goyard?

Discover The RealReal’s curated selection of authenticated luxury Goyard goods for men. Goyard is known worldwide for its intricate craftsmanship and marked durability.