How much is Minion meal in Philippines?

How much is Minion meal in Philippines?

How much is Minion meal in Philippines?

Get a Minions toy with every Happy Meal starting at ₱90. You can also buy a Minions Collector’s Set and enjoy 3 toys and 3 meals at a time. Watch out because we have new batches of toy designs to be released every Friday! Order now via and collect all 20.

How much is a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy?

What Do McDonald’s Toys Cost? McDonald’s toys if purchased without a Happy Meal in the store will cost you around $1.69 although the price can be a little lower or higher as it could be as low as $1.59. However, if you’ve purchased a Happy Meal, the price of the McDonald’s toy goes down to $.

How much is golden minions Mcdonalds?

Golden Minion toys appear on Carousell for $88 On average, the Golden Minion toys were going for about $30. This user even listed his Golden Minion toy for as high as $88. With that whopping price tag, one can get almost 17 Happy Meals.

How many Minions are there at Mcdonald’s?

Kids won’t know what’s inside until they open up the capsule to reveal their favorite Minions, including Kevin, Stuart, Bob, Mel, Carl, Phil, and Dave Characters in different outfits and disguise. Each figure also available in Gold,making 96 toys in all.

How much is a 4 piece Happy Meal at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Strawberry & Creme Pie (Limited Time) $0.99
Happy Meal
Includes Kids French Fries, Side & Drink
Chicken McNuggets 4 Pc. $3.29

How much is a McDonalds meal in the Philippines?

Burgers. Burger McDo. Ala Carte – Php 36.00. Small Value Meal – Php 82.00. Medium Value Meal – Php 102.00. Large – Php 119.00. Cheesy Burger McDo. Ala Carte – Php 46.00. Small Value Meal – Php 89.00.

How much is a McDo Burger in the Philippines?

Burgers. Burger McDo Ala Carte – Php 36.00 Small Value Meal – Php 82.00 Medium Value Meal – Php 102.00 Large – Php 119.00; Cheesy Burger McDo

What are the best McDonald’s Happy Meals for kids?

These kids’ meals stay popular and relevant because of the toys included, which are usually characters from trending movies or shows. The one-piece Chicken McDo with a side of fries (₱151.00) is a popular Happy Meal choice, while the 4pc Chicken Nuggets Happy Meal (₱144.00) remain among the best picks for kids.

How much is a BTS meal at McDo?

Mcdo offers a BTS meal, Mcdo party Box. The BTS meal price is 260 PH or also purchased online with delivery charges around 10 Ph. What comes in an Mc BTS meal? Mcdonald’s Bts meal includes a chicken burger, different sauces, coke, Mc Nuggets, Fries, and sweet chili, its taste is really different. The packaging of the BTS meal is in purple color.