How much is PosLaju shipping?

How much is PosLaju shipping?

How much is PosLaju shipping?

Updated List of PosLaju Rates

Weight ZONE 1 (RM)
2.001-2.5kg 11.97 20.16
2.501-3kg 12.6 22.68
3.001-3.5kg 13.23 25.2
3.501-4kg 13.86 27.72

How long does PosLaju take to deliver to Sarawak?

2 – 5 business days
All orders within Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak are shipped using Poslaju. Poslaju is Malaysia’s Express Mail Service and delivers within 2 – 5 business days. Signature will be required when you received the parcel.

What is PosLaju domestic prepaid?

Prepaid Boxes. Prepaid Boxes. With Prepaid Boxes & Envelopes, you get a convenient and cost-saving shipping solution for sending items weighing between 500g up to 10kg, within Malaysia. Our Prepaid Boxes & Envelopes are colour-coded to identify their areas of coverage.

What is PosLaju standard delivery?

What is Pos Laju Standard Delivery service? Guaranteed up to 3 working days delivery within Pos Laju coverage areas and additional working days for areas outside of Pos Laju coverage.

What is the difference between Pos Laju and Pos Malaysia?

In 1986 PosLaju began by delivering parcels and posts under the banner of Pos Malaysia, specializing in EMS (Expedited Mail Service) postal services. Two years later, PosLaju started delivering parcels under its own name, and since then, the two companies operate independently, but Pos Malaysia still owns PosLaju.

How much postage do I need?

A standard letter that weighs under one (1) ounce will require 55 cents of postage to mail in 2020. USPS charges extra postage for any weight above that amount. In 2020, USPS charges an extra 15 cents for each additional ounce. So a letter that weighs between one (1) and two (2) ounces will require 70 cents of postage.

How much does it cost to send a 20kg parcel?

Heavy Parcel Delivery

Parcel Weight Price
10kg £12.99 exc VAT
15kg £14.24 exc VAT
20kg £15.49 exc VAT