How to draw a realistic elephant?

How to draw a realistic elephant?

How to draw a realistic elephant?

Sketch the body. First,use a ruler to draw a horizontal line near the bottom of your paper.

  • Draw the trunk. Starting at the corner of the ear,use your pencil to draw a rounded line for the head.
  • Add the legs and feet. In comparison to their size,African elephants have surprisingly thin legs.
  • Sketch the tusks. Now that we have the main components of our elephant done,we can begin focusing on the details.
  • Erase the guidelines. At last,when you’re content with the outline,you can start erasing any unnecessary guidelines.
  • Add details to the elephant. Elephants may be cute,but they’re also very wrinkly.
  • Go over the drawing in ink. To finish your elephant in ink,pull out your favorite pens,and slowly trace over your final drawing.
  • How to draw cute elephant?

    First, draw your eyebrows and eyes.

  • Outline the head and add an ear.
  • Finish this ear. Then add an ivory.
  • Draw a big nose.
  • Add lines to the nose. Then draw another ivory.
  • Draw another ear. Then add a front leg.
  • Draw the back and legs.
  • Draw the ground and trees.
  • Finally, simply color it. This elephant is done!
  • How to draw how to draw an elephant?

    How to Draw an Elephant Draw a circle and a large oblong attached to it. The oblong should slightly overlap the circle. Draw the elephant’s trunk using curved lines and the ears using a wide inverted C shape. Draw the limbs using a set of parallel lines. Add the eyes using a small circle and the eyebrows using small strokes. Add a large protruding tooth using a curved line and sketch a few Draw the whole head and ears using your outline. Sketch the body and limbs from the outline you have drawn earlier. See More….

    What are the steps to drawing an elephant head?

    Draw the little dark eye and the wrinkles around it.

  • Outline the head and ears.
  • Outline the tusks.
  • Add details to the trunk.
  • Add details to the face.
  • Add the toenails.
  • Outline the body,drawing big wrinkles here and there to show how thick the skin is.
  • Add more wrinkles all over the body to create a texture of the skin.