Is it bear in mind or bearing in mind?

Is it bear in mind or bearing in mind?

Is it bear in mind or bearing in mind?

Is it bare in mind or bear in mind? If you answered, BEAR in mind, you are correct. The phrase gives the figurative idea of literally having something on your mind, like carrying or supporting it. It is, therefore, using the figurative verb tense.

Can you say bearing in mind?

The correct expression is “to bear (something) in mind”. It simply means that you need to keep something in mind (= remember it). The expression ‘bear in mind’ makes use of the verb “to bear,” which has many meanings, such as “to hold,” “to carry,” “to keep” and is even used as a verb to describe the act of birth.

Is it bear or bare the thought?

Bare and bear sound alike so it’s easy to imagine why people confuse the two. Do you have them straight in your mind? Bare is a verb that means to “to uncover.” However, if you keep in mind that the verb bear means “to endure” or “to be patient,” the expression“bear with me” will make sense.

What is another way to say keep in mind?

What is another word for keep in mind?

consider not forget
remember be mindful of
note make allowances for
heed mind
allow for be cognizant of

What is the past tense of bear in mind?

The past tense of bear in mind is bore in mind. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of bear in mind is bears in mind. The present participle of bear in mind is bearing in mind. The past participle of bear in mind is born in mind.

How do you say keep in mind in a polite way?

synonyms for keep in mind

  1. acknowledge.
  2. contemplate.
  3. deal with.
  4. examine.
  5. favor.
  6. grant.
  7. look at.
  8. recognize.

How are you bearing up meaning?

Meaning of bear up in English to deal with a very sad or difficult situation in a brave and determined way: “How has she been since the funeral?” “Oh, she’s bearing up.”