Is Laurastar iron worth the money?

Is Laurastar iron worth the money?

Is Laurastar iron worth the money?

Laurastar lift/lift plus is the fastest, least strenuous method of pressing I’ve ever encountered. If you are a tailor or seamstress or quilter, or just like to have quality products in your home, buy this product! I know it has a hefty price tag (US market) but it really is worth it. It’ll cut your efforts in half.

How do I turn on my Laurastar iron?

– Press the on/off switch to turn on the ironing system. Wait 3 to 6 minutes until the green indicator light comes on and the orange light goes off. – Insert the plug in the socket. – Press the On/Off switch, the blue indicator light will flash for 8 to 10 minutes.

How do I descale my Laurastar?

Clean the openings where steam comes out of the iron when they are clogged or there is scaling using the cleaning tool provided with your Laurastar. Then press the iron’s steam button 2 or 3 times, while pointing it away from the fabric, to release any condensation from the iron and prevent water marks on your clothes.

How much does a Laurastar iron cost?

$749 to $799
Laurastar, a Swiss company dedicated to ironing technology, now sells its portable steam iron, Lift, in the United States. At $749 to $799, depending on color, Lift is not cheap. But it is marketed as a fast and easy way to keep your clothes looking presentable, thereby reducing the need for expensive dry cleaning.

What is the difference between Laurastar lift and lift plus?

The Lift Plus has all the features of the original Lift (steams, irons, and purifies) PLUS more: the revolutionary pulse steam to ensure optimal amount of steam for perfect results and the active 3D soleplate which straightens the fabrics as the iron and steam glide over the fabric.

What is a Laurastar lift?

Presentation of the 3-in-1 steam generators Laurastar Lift is the only 3-in-1 steam generator that irons, steams and disinfects. With a unique design combined with the exceptional Dry Microfine Steam (DMS), ironing becomes easier than ever before, allowing you to beautify and purify your life.

How do I clean the sole plate of my iron?

Utilize Distilled White Vinegar Dampen a paper towel or soft rag with distilled white vinegar, and wipe the soleplate to remove the gunk. If residue remains, soak a clean paper towel or rag in distilled white vinegar, lay the cool iron soleplate on the towel, and let soak for 15-30 minutes.

What is the difference between Laurastar Lift and lift plus?

What should I do if my laurastar iron is dripping?

If the iron continues to drip, call Laurastar Customer Service. The iron is not heating up – what’s going on? If the iron is not heating up, check that the appliance is plugged in and that it is set up properly.

Can I add water to my laurastar products?

Please note that no additives should be added at any time such as perfumed water, water containing chemical products, or water collected in the dryer as these may damage your Laurastar products. Distilled water is not recommended because it is too pure and does not contain any minerals and thus no conductibility.

Where can I find the user manual for my laurastar boiler?

The user manual is also available on the Laurastar website. The boiler should be rinsed with warm tap water before its first use and then every month thereafter (or every 10 hours of ironing). The ironing system should be cool, switched off and unplugged.

How do I Turn Off my laurastar?

For the Laurastar Lift + models, pull on the electric cable to activate the automatic roll-up and wrap the steam cord around the appliance. To switch off your Laurastar, press the on/off switch, unplug the appliance and then remove the steam cord holder. Water may be left in the ironing system until the next use.