Is Smokescreen an Autobot?

Is Smokescreen an Autobot?

Is Smokescreen an Autobot?

Smokescreen is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family.

Was Smokescreen supposed to be a Prime?

Smokescreen is an Autobot from the Prime portion of the Aligned continuity family. Finally, after forty-four episodes, a kid appeal character! Smokescreen is an eager young Autobot recruit, all too ready to fight in the Great War, to become a great warrior, maybe even a Prime someday.

Who is the biggest Prime transformer?

Omega Supreme is seemingly the largest Autobot in existence, and he is overpowered beyond belief. His armor makes him invulnerable to all but the most powerful attacks, and he has enough firepower in both of his forms to defeat entire teams.

Which transformer is a Nissan?

Transformers: Generation 1

Function Diversionary Tactician
Rank 6
Motto “A look can be deceiving; a touch can be lethal.”
Alternate modes Nissan Fairlady Z (Datsun 280ZX-R), Subaru Impreza WRC rally car, Nissan 350Z

Is Smokescreen a wrecker?

A rookie to war, Smokescreen was mainly built to guard Alpha Trion, but had been given the chance to serve in the Wreckers. Since then, he’s been a member ever since. Though immature, he is respected by his allies in the field of combat.

Who is bigger Metroplex or Fortress Maximus?

Metroplex is definitely the bigger of the two. It never occurred to me just how much I missed here… Metroplex is the actual Autobot City. Fortress Maximus is literally a fortress.

Who is Smokescreen in Transformers Prime?

Smokescreen is an eager young Autobot recruit and member of Team Prime in Transformers: Prime. He received his training in the Elite Guard.

Is Smokescreen related to Optimus Prime?

Smokescreen’s helm design implies he is a descendant, or related to Optimus Prime. The name Smokescreen was originally given to a character from Season 1. However, the character was renamed Cliffjumper and was killed in the first episode.

Is Smokescreen a kid or a prime?

Smokescreen has been addressed as ‘Kid’ by nearly all the Autobots except for Optimus and Ratchet. Bumblebee has been called ‘kid’ as well. At the end of Predacons Rising when Optimus is about to sacrifice himself for Cybertron he states that every Autobot is worthy to be a Prime.

How did smokescreen defeat Megatron in the Negavator?

As Megatron swooped to purloin the unguarded Negavator during the battle, Smokescreen unleashed his magnetic cloud of smoke, completely obscuring the weapon. Megatron ended up flying face-first into the Negavator (Smokescreen – 1, Megatron – 0). The Seekers also got caught in his cloud, and the magnetic vapor stuck to them even as they flew free.