Is there an app for the game Countdown?

Is there an app for the game Countdown?

Is there an app for the game Countdown?

Countdown – The Official App – Apps on Google Play.

How do you play Countdown at home?

The Letters Game

  1. Split a bag of Scrabble tiles into vowels and consonants.
  2. Nominate a Carol (or Rachel)
  3. The contestant calls out ‘vowel’ or ‘consonant’.
  4. Repeat until you have 9 letters.
  5. Set a 30 second timer.
  6. The contestants now find the longest word they can from the 9 letters.

How does the scoring work on Countdown?

Points are awarded for the closest solution, and again both contestants score if the solutions are equally close. 10 points are given for an exact answer, 7 points for a non-exact solution up to 5 from the target, and 5 points for a solution between 6 and 10 from the target.

Is there a letters and numbers game?

There are 4 games to play. Try to find the longest word with a random selection of 9 letters based on your selection of the amount of vowels and consonants. In the numbers section players try to get as close to a 3 digit number as possible with a calculation based on their selection of large and small numbers.

Is there a countdown video game?

Countdown is a point-and-click adventure game released by Access Software for MS-DOS in 1990. The game was re-released on in 26th of July of 2021. The player plays as Mason Powers, a CIA agent who wakes up in a Turkish mental hospital, suffering from partial amnesia and accused of murdering his supervisor.

How do you play the 4 way CountDown game?

Ideal 4-Way CountDown Game is a fun and educational game that will challenge your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills by simply using the numbers on the dice. The game starts by each player laying down all (10) of their wooden keys on the 4-Way CountDown unit.

How many numbers do you get in CountDown?

Numbers round. The contestant in control chooses six of 24 shuffled face-down number tiles, arranged into two groups: 20 “small numbers” (two each of 1 through 10), and four “large numbers” of 25, 50, 75, and 100. Some special episodes replace the large numbers with 12, 37, 62, and 87.