What are the 7 Hausa states?

What are the 7 Hausa states?

What are the 7 Hausa states?

The seven true Hausa states, or Hausa Bakwai (Biram, Daura, Gobir, Kano, Katsina, Rano, and Zaria [Zazzau]), and their seven outlying satellites, or Banza Bakwai (Zamfara, Kebbi, Yauri, Gwari, Nupe, Kororofa [Jukun], and Yoruba), had no central authority, were never combined in wars of conquest, and were therefore …

Who are the real Hausa in Nigeria?

Hausa, people found chiefly in northwestern Nigeria and adjacent southern Niger. They constitute the largest ethnic group in the area, which also contains another large group, the Fulani, perhaps one-half of whom are settled among the Hausa as a ruling class, having adopted the Hausa language and culture.

What was the most powerful city-state in the Hausa Kingdoms?

By the 14th century, Kano had become the most powerful city-state. Kano had become the base for the trans-Saharan trade in salt, cloth, leather, and grain.

Who founded Hausa states?

According to the Kano Chronicle (1890s), the best-known native history of the Hausa people, the Kano kingdom was founded as one of the Hausa Bakwai (“Seven True Hausa States”) in 999 by Bagauda, a grandson of Bayajida (Abuyazidu), the legendary progenitor of the Hausa people.

Who is the Governor of all states?

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What is another name for the Hausa Kingdoms?

The Hausa Kingdoms, also known as Hausa Kingdom or Hausaland, was a collection of states started by the Hausa people, situated between the Niger River and Lake Chad (modern day northern Nigeria).

Where are the Hausa located in Nigeria?

Additionally, you’ll discover the sizes of all those individual states and that of the entire Hausaland. The Hausas, located in the Northern part of Nigeria, are among the three major languages in the country; the other two are Yoruba and Igbo.

Which states in Nigeria did not participate in the 2019 governorship elections?

The states that didn’t participate in the governorship elections were Edo, Ondo, Ekiti, Bayelsa, Kogi, Anambra and Osun states as the tenures of their governors were yet to expire. As it stands, APC has more control in majority of the states in Nigeria while PDP won few other states especially in the southern region of the country.

Why are the names of APC governors in Nigeria more in number?

From the above you can deduce that the names of APC governors in Nigeria are more in number because they are the leading party that recently won majority of the governors seats in Nigeria. Ben Ayade (PDP) – 381,484 votes. Cross River State governor, Ben Ayade, is another Nigerian governor that has won another four-year term.

Who is the new governor of Enugu State 2019?

Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi (PDP) – 449,935. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has been re-elected as Enugu State governor. Inuwa Yahaya (APC) – 364,179 votes.