What are the regions of Canterbury?

What are the regions of Canterbury?

What are the regions of Canterbury?

The area is commonly divided into North Canterbury (north of the Rakaia River to the Conway River), Mid Canterbury (from the Rakaia River to the Rangitata River), South Canterbury (south of the Rangitata River to the Waitaki River) and Christchurch City.

What Region is south Canterbury?

South Canterbury is the area of the Canterbury Region of the South Island of New Zealand bounded by the Rangitata River in the north and the Waitaki River (the border with the Otago Region) to the south.

What is Canterbury known for?

Canterbury is a world-renowned food growing region, producing amongst other things, meat products, seafood, dairy food and wine for domestic consumption and export.

What area does south Canterbury cover?

Easy to reach and set in a stunning natural environment, the three districts of Timaru, Mackenzie and Waimate merge and support each-other to create the unique essence that is South Canterbury. Covering 13,658 sq kms and a population of around 61,500, there’s room to move and grow here in a vibrant, safe environment.

How many acres is Canterbury?

130 acres
In the late 3rd century, to defend against attack from barbarians, the Romans built an earth bank around the city and a wall with seven gates, which enclosed an area of 130 acres (53 ha).

What is South Canterbury?

South Canterbury, in the central South Island, stretches from the Southern Alps to the east coast. Timaru is its only city, and towns include Waimate, Temuka and Twizel. The 2013 population was 55,623.

What is South Canterbury day?

South Canterbury Day is held to mark Dominion Day. On 26 September 1907, the colony of New Zealand was granted Dominion status within the British Empire, when Prime Minister Ward read the proclamation from the steps of the General Assembly Library in Wellington.

Is Canterbury a nice place to live?

Canterbury was voted as the fifth best place to live in the UK and the best in Kent. It was voted as the 31st best place for architectural beauty and the 58th best for quality of life. The average family home costs £480,000 which puts it as one of the best places to live in the country.

What do you call a person from Canterbury?

People from the Canterbury region are known as ‘Cantabrians’

Is Canterbury a rural area?

The district is largely rural, with a coastal strip taken up by the almost unbroken spread of seaside towns and beaches from Seasalter, west of Whitstable, to Herne Bay.

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