What bridge connects dupax Sur and Dupax Norte town?

What bridge connects dupax Sur and Dupax Norte town?

What bridge connects dupax Sur and Dupax Norte town?

Dampol Arch Bridge is a single-arched brick bridge that spans the Abanatan creek which divides Dupax Sur and Dupax Norte, said Amores. It is one of the few remaining historic landmarks in the area.

What is the biggest and oldest church in Nueva Vizcaya?

The Saint Dominic Cathedral, commonly referred to as the Bayombong Cathedral, is an 18th-century, Baroque church located at Brgy. Salvacion, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines.

How many barangays are in Dupax del Sur?


Dupax del Sur
Region Cagayan Valley
Province Nueva Vizcaya
District Lone district
Barangays 19 (see Barangays)

What is the zip code of Dupax del Norte Nueva Vizcaya?


Dupax del Norte
• Electricity Nueva Vizcaya Electric Cooperative (NUVELCO)
Time zone UTC+8 (PST)
ZIP code 3706
PSGC 025007000

What is the history of Nueva Vizcaya?

The province of Nueva Vizcaya used to be a territory of the vast Cagayan Valley which was once an integral political unit with one governor. In 1839, then-Governor Luis Lardizabal issued an order transforming Nueva Vizcaya into a politico-militar province upon the advice of the alcalde mayor of Cagayan.

What is the slogan of Nueva Vizcaya?

‘Naturally Vibrant’ Nueva Vizcaya | Bernard L. Supetran.

Why is St Vincent Ferrer the patron saint of builders?

He died in France shortly after this resolution, on 5 April 1419, but his veneration continues today for his good works. It was, in fact, his work to rebuild or re-edify the Papacy that led to his status as the patron saint of builders. Francesco del Cossa, Saint Vincent Ferrer, c. 1473-1475.

What is Citrus Festival in Nueva Vizcaya?

The FIESTA was a 3-day event that focused on the best citrus production practices of farmers in Malabing Valley of Kasibu, the growing citrus industry, and the ongoing efforts to advance its production in the whole region.

What is the zip code of Bambang?

Location Zip Code
Bambang 3702
Bayombong 3700
Diadi 3712
Dupax del Norte 3706