What does WEC mean?

What does WEC mean?

What does WEC mean?


Acronym Definition
WEC Westinghouse Electric Company
WEC World Endurance Championship
WEC Wave Energy Converter
WEC Web Extender Client (Microsoft)

What does Cuw stand for?

Cooperating Underage Witness (law enforcement)

What does FTR mean in English?

FTR means “For The Record.” The abbreviation FTR, with the meaning “For The Record,” is typically used to indicate that what the speaker is about to say is important and should be remembered.

What does WEC mean camping?

Webelos Exploration Camp
Guest User. March 4, 2020. Now that the campsite deposit phase has ended, the regular registration period is open for Webelos Exploration Camp. Here’s what that means for packs and families. Any pack can also start using the Parent Portal to make collecting payments from families easy.

What does WEC stand for horses?

The World Equestrian Center has launched a unique new point system designed to recognize and reward exhibitors who show at the Wilmington, Ohio venue. All WEC exhibitors are eligible and encouraged to register themselves and their horses for FREE on www.WEC.net.

What does RR mean Wattpad?

rr :- rr means re reader for example if you read a story already and you commented a spoiler about the book or whatever you put #rr. 5.

What does RV nonelectric mean?

What Is A Standard Nonelectric Campsite? The phrase “standard nonelectric campsite” is used to clarify that a standard campsite does not have electric hookups. Although standard sites usually don’t have hookups in tent camping areas, in some RV campgrounds, they occasionally do.

What is hook up e/w g?

If you see this abbreviation you’ve struck gold. FHU means “Full Hookup Utilities” including water, electric and sewer. W/E. This RVing abbreviation means a campsite only has water and electric hookups.

What does ffs mean in Wattpad?

(F/f) favorite food. (F/d or f/hd) favorite drink/ favorite hot drink.

What is FTR in Wattpad?

Ftr – Future reader. Istg – I swear to God. Robbed – not getting a chapter you thought you would have there fore you feel robbed. Re – read again ( in terms of rr [re reader] )