What form is Vaapad?

What form is Vaapad?

What form is Vaapad?

Form VII, known by its two primary disciplines of Juyo and Vaapad; and also known as The Ferocity Form, was the seventh form of lightsaber combat. It was considered the most aggressive and unpredictable form.

Did Mace Windu invent Vaapad?

During the later years of the Republic, Jedi Master Mace Windu developed Vaapad with the aid of fellow master Sora Bulq, by drawing inspiration from the movements of a creature, known as both the Vaapad and the Juyo, native to the planet Sarapin.

What form did Windu create?

Mace Windu created Vaapad, a variation of Juyo that channels the form’s dark side tendencies instead of succumbing to them. Legends-era Clone Wars material details Mace Windu’s creation of Vaapad, which fellow Jedi Master Sora Bulq assisted him with.

What form did Plo Koon use?

Form V
Practitioners of Form V included Jedi Masters Aayla Secura, Adi Gallia, Plo Koon and Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knights Anakin Skywalker and Ulic Qel-Droma, and Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane.

What is the hardest lightsaber form?

Form II: Makashi 1 lightsaber duels. Makashi is considered to be one of the most aggressive, yet refined, combat forms.

What is Shatterpoint?

Shatterpoint was a Force ability that can be used to sense the significance of an event, though it also referred to key moments where actions could change events. Jedi Master Mace Windu had the ability to detect shatterpoints. Darth Maul was involved with a shatterpoint on Malachor during the Imperial Era.

What are the seven lightsaber forms?

7 Distinct Forms of Lightsaber Combat. 1. Shii-Cho: The Way of the Sarlacc. Shii-Cho is the First Form and is also known as the Determination Form. Pretty much every youngling is taught this form when first handed a lightsaber. Shii-Cho focuses on simplistic – yet relentless – tactics. Shii-Cho was developed as force users began to take up

How to make a custom lightsaber?


  • Hilt
  • Emitter or blade holder
  • Staff coupler
  • Body
  • Pommel
  • Electronics
  • Sound
  • Additional accessories and parts
  • What are the seven forms of lightsaber combat?

    First,act like you are fighting for your life.

  • Second,always remember that your lightsaber is a fighting object and not just a piece of plastic and metal.
  • Third,while in a duel,utilize basic fencing techniques; feint,dodge and pause.
  • Fourth,it is common for a combatant to stop fighting when he or she gets too close to their opponent.
  • Which lightsaber form does General Grievous use?

    General Grievous was trained and informed of the forms of combat that the Jedi preferred to use and master ranging all the way from Form I to Form VII. Due to the variety of opponents that he would be facing, the General developed his own form of lightsaber combat.