What is a patella revision?

What is a patella revision?

What is a patella revision?

A knee revision is the replacement of prosthetic implants in a person who previously had a total knee replacement. In this surgery, known as a “reoperation,” an original prosthesis is removed and a new prosthesis put in place.

How long does TKR revision surgery take?

Most revision total knee replacements take longer to perform than primary procedures (about two to three hours).

Who is exactech?

About Exactech Based in Gainesville, Fla., Exactech develops and markets orthopaedic implant devices, related surgical instruments and biologic materials and services to hospitals and physicians. The company manufactures many of its orthopaedic devices at its Gainesville facility.

What is the Stryker knee replacement made of?

Triathlon Tritanium combines the kinematics of Triathlon with the latest in highly porous biologic fixation technology. Tritanium’s innovative tibial baseplate and metal-backed patella components are SOMA-designed and enabled by Stryker’s proprietary Additive Manufacturing technology.

How serious is knee revision surgery?

Although both procedures have the same goal—to relieve pain and improve function—revision surgery is different than primary total knee replacement. It is a longer, more complex procedure that requires extensive planning, and specialized implants and tools to achieve a good result.

Who owns exactech Inc?

TPG Capital
After 21 years as a public company, Exactech, a Gainesville-based medical device company, announced Monday it agreed to be acquired by TPG Capital, a global private equity platform of alternative asset firm TPG — making it private.

What kind of company is Exactech?

Exactech, Inc. develops, manufactures, markets, and sells orthopedic implant devices and related surgical instrumentation. The Company offers biologic materials, hip, knee, extremities, foot, ankle replacement systems.