What is a trilliant cut diamond?

What is a trilliant cut diamond?

What is a trilliant cut diamond?

The trillion (or trilliant) cut diamond is an unusual diamond shape. In essence, it has a triangular form with slightly curved soft or straight-edged sides. Trillion shaped diamond set as a solitaire Top 3 interesting facts about trillion cut: Leon Finker developed this cutting in Amsterdam in 1978.

Are Trilliant diamonds real?

Trillion cut diamonds (also called “trilliant” or “trillian”) are triangle-shaped stones (often with rounded sides), which were created for the first time in the Netherlands. They may not be as popular as their round cut counterparts, but they are beautiful in their own way.

What is the best cut of a diamond?

1. ROUND BRILLIANT DIAMOND. By far the most popular cut is the Round Brilliant, with it’s fifty-seven perfectly aligned facets it’s brilliance really does out-shine the others. Total internal reflection is the key here; light travels through the stone giving optimum sparkle and scintillation.

Are trillion cut diamonds rare?

Are Trillion Cut Diamonds Rare? Trillion cut diamonds are quite rare, especially as center stones. Few jewelry stores keep trillion cut diamonds in stock, with the notable exception of trillion cut diamonds used as accent stones in three-stone engagement rings.

Do trillion cut diamonds sparkle?

The trillion cut is known for having impressive brilliance, great fire and an eye-catching, modern appearance. Like other diamonds derived from the brilliant, trillion cut diamonds do a good job of hiding color and inclusions.

Is trillion cut good?

Are trillion cut diamonds expensive?

A trillion will also cost much less than a round of the same weight. Round diamonds sell at a premium due to high demand. So, choosing any fancy shape — any finished shape other than round — can save you some money. Finally, you’ll rarely see trillions as center stones, so your ring is sure to be an eye-catcher.