What is arsenicum album?

What is arsenicum album?

What is arsenicum album?

Arsenicum Album. Arsenicum Album (Arsen. Alb.) is a common remedy for both acute and chronic problems. It is found in homeopathic kits for good reason. Arsenicum treats a variety of issues including tiredness due to anemia or asthma, weakness, restlessness, burning pains, irritating discharges, food poisoning, indigestion, diarrhea,…

Is arsenicum album Good for postpartum depression?

This remedy is indicative of people with depression, especially when anxiousness, insecurity, and perfectionism are also prevalent. Materialism may also be a concern with this person. When sick, the person may exhibit signs of dependence and suspicion. Arsenicum album may also be useful for postpartum depression.

Which personality types are most suited for arsenicum album?

The people most suited for arsenicum album are affectionate, sensitive, and stable in good health, while they are also prone to stress, restlessness, and anxiety about their health. They also have a deep need for reassurance.

What is arsenicum used for in colitis?

It can be used to relieve burning in rectum, involuntary diarrhea with frequent and burning stools and is useful for Colitis – that is worse after midnight. Arsenicum is used when symptoms include burning sensations, burning discharges. Arsenicum relieves symptoms that burn yet are improved by heat application.

Arsenicum album is a homeopathic remedy manufactured from the poisonous element arsenic. Homeopathic practitioners will tell you that homeopathic remedies have no side effects. Allopathic (traditional Western medicine) practitioners will tell you that homeopathic remedies have a placebo effect at best.

Can homeopathic Arsenicum album Treat arsenic poisoning?

Homeopathic arsenicum album is, therefore, a perfect example of the homeopathic principle “like cures like.” Although arsenic has potential harmful effects, after it is highly diluted, it can even treat arsenic poisoning. Arsenicum album is derived from arsenic trioxide—also called arsenopyrite, arsenic oxide, arsenious acid, or simply arsenic.