What is Blind workplace?

What is Blind workplace?

What is Blind workplace?

Blind is an anonymous workplace app that’s drawing a lot of attention—and funding—from the Silicon Valley crowd.

How do I reset my Blind password?

How do I change my password? Passwords can only be updated on the app. Go to My Page > Settings > Change Password.

How does Blind app make money?

To really send this concept home, despite Snapchat never even making a dime, it pays it’s employees more than highly profitable companies like Amazon and Facebook. They gather the “TC or GTFO” data and then sell it to companies as competitive compensation insights. It’s a very lucrative business.

Is Blind safe?

Blind claims on its website that its email verification “is safe, as our patented infrastructure is set up so that all user account and activity information is completely disconnected from the email verification process.” It adds: “This effectively means there is no way to trace back your activity on Blind to an email …

How do you become blind?

What are the main causes of blindness? The two main causes of sight loss are uncorrected refractive errors and cataracts. This is closely followed be age-related macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Is Team blind toxic?

Blind is a pretty toxic place, but the data is legit. It was invaluable for both… | Hacker News. romanhn 11 months ago | parent | context | favorite | on: Ask HN: Thoughts on Salaries Posted on TeamBlind? Blind is a pretty toxic place, but the data is legit.

How does the Blind app work?

Users on Blind are grouped by topics, company and their broader industry. The app verifies that the registered users actually work in the company through their work email and it keeps user identities untraceable through patented technology.

Is Blind a Korean company?

U.S.-headquartered South Korean startup TeamBlind, the operator of anonymous workplace chat app Blind which more than a million Silicon Valley workers have on their phone, is confident to go public in the U.S. stock market by 2025 after raising $37 million in its latest funding round, according to its CEO.

How many users does Blind have?

Part LinkedIn, part Reddit, part Slack — it’s become widely popular among tech workers at Silicon Valley companies, and even outside the tech industry, with 5 million verified users.

Is Blind a good website?

Blind is a safe, trusted community where 5M professionals worldwide share salary, company reviews, interview experiences anonymously. Connect & have honest conversations on workplace topics like salaries and company culture. Direct message with users on Blind for FREE.

What is the Blind App?

Blind is an app that provides an anonymous forum and community for verified employees to discuss issues. Users on Blind are grouped by topics, company and their broader industry.