What is Charles Fazzino distinct style of artwork?

What is Charles Fazzino distinct style of artwork?

What is Charles Fazzino distinct style of artwork?

Charles Fazzino is an American pop artist, known for his silkscreen serigraphs in a 3D pop art style. His artwork incorporates influence from urban landscapes, sporting events, and modern celebrities.

What is 3D pop art?

A brand new collection that pops off the page. Each artwork is carefully layered piece by piece to create a beautiful 3-dimensional image.

Who is fazzino?

Charles Fazzino, a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York City, is one of the most popular and highly collected pop artists. During his more-than-thirty years as an artist, he has inserted his unique, detailed, vibrant, and three-dimensional artwork into the very fabric of popular culture.

What materials does Charles Fazzino use?

Charles Fazzino experimented for many years to find a material suitable for layering the artwork. He settled on a special silicone because it gives him the flexibility to alter the depth of the artwork by varying the size of the dollops of glue.

What is your artistic vision?

The term artistic vision is most often used to describe an artist’s conceptual or creative genius, which allows them to create something unique and transcendental. Artists must have the ability to see their work in person in order to bring their concepts to life.

What is the theme of art?

Theme relates to the meaning of a painting, rather than the subject, which is specific and basic. A theme is deeper and broader and conveys something more universal. Mood is the atmosphere in a painting, or the feeling expressed.

Why is vision important in art?

The play has drive, an image, and a tone thanks to a vision. It is the vision that creates the unifying factor in an event, not only in the words, but also in the staging, the sets, the lighting, the costumes, and the sound. It is important for students to have a clear vision of the future.

What does vision mean in art?

When we talk about artistic vision, we usually mean an artist’s metaphorical perspective or genius that allows them to create something that transcends the ordinary.

How big is Charles Fazzino’s art?

[Art: 28 x 34 inches; Frame: 37 x 45 inches]. In good condition. Born in 1955, Charles Fazzino is the son of a Finnish sculptor (Irene) and an Italian mode shoe designer (Salvatore). He took his first formal art class as a 7th grader in 1967 and later graduated fro NEW YEAR BIG SALE, ART, PHOTOGRAPHY & MEMO.

What is Charles Fazzino famous for?

All of artist Charles Fazzino’s silk screens are hand-printed, and he has expanded his work by producing sculptures, writing instruments, and puzzles. One of his best-known sculptures is a large, rotating, American Airlines airplane on display in JFK International Airport.

What is the process of making a custom Fazzino art piece?

Fazzino’s three-dimensional creations are labor-intensive, they require a multi-layered process to complete. The artist begins with a flat drawing that is worked and re-worked for weeks or even months before the limited edition process even begins.

Are you buying Charles Fazzino for cash?

We are buying Charles Fazzino pieces of all kinds for cash. Collectors have been enamored with his ability to capture so much detail in one frame with a dash of humor and an array of colors. Fazzino was raised by two artists and has become a world renown artist.