What is greenlighted mean?

What is greenlighted mean?

What is greenlighted mean?

to give permission to proceed; authorize
verb (used with object), green·-light·ed or green·-lit, green·-light·ing. to give permission to proceed; authorize: The renovation project was green-lighted by the board of directors.

What is another word for green light?

What is another word for green light?

approval assent
consent permission
agreement clearance
sanction dispensation
empowerment go-ahead

What does it mean to greenlight a project?

to give permission for someone to do something or for something to happen: The committee must greenlight the proposal before it goes to the Board.

What is Green Light vs blue light?

Green light is a light wavelength on the visible light spectrum. It operates just above blue light on the spectrum, from around 500 nanometers(nm) to 565nm. You are probably already familiar with blue light, which operates between 380nm-500nm, sitting between ultraviolet light and green light on the spectrum.

What is the past tense of gaslight?

The gerund gaslighting is used to describe the act of such sanity-questioning manipulation. Its verb form is to gaslight (e.g., to gaslight the public), taking a past tense of gaslighted or gaslit.

Is green lit hyphenated?

Green light is sometimes seen with a hyphen, as in green-light. Related phrases are green lights, green lit, green lighting, though these forms are most often seen with a hyphen. The expression green light is a clear reference to traffic signals–green means go, and red means stop.

What is assent research?

“Assent” is a term used to express willingness to participate in research by persons who are by definition too young to give informed consent but are old enough to understand the proposed research in general, its expected risks and possible benefits, and the activities expected of them as subjects.

What is assent example?

The definition of an assent is a situation in which an agreement or acquiescence has occurred. An example of an assent is when two parties are able to sign paperwork after mediation. An example of an assent is when a parent gives in to a child’s crying and gives her what she wants.

What is the name for dark green?

Emerald is a brilliant, deep green, like the gemstone from which it takes its name.