What is Infoblox DNS used for?

What is Infoblox DNS used for?

What is Infoblox DNS used for?

Infoblox centralizes and automates DNS, enabling you to deliver applications and services with the high availability, security and response times your connected organization demands.

What is infoblox and how it works?

Infoblox delivers appliance-based solutions for business-critical DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) and Network Automation. Over 7,700 global enterprises and service providers use Infoblox to control their networks. Infoblox uses actionable network intelligence to deliver control and security from the core.

What is Infoblox software?

Infoblox NIOS is the world’s leading on-premises platform for automating DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI)—and simplifying complex, dynamic network services for any size organization. Plus our BloxOne Threat Defense solution accelerates cyberthreat remediation using DDI data to protect your distributed enterprise.

What is Infoblox DNS security?

Cloud-first security Infoblox provides modern, simple and effective security that protects your distributed enterprise, delivers unparalleled visibility and boosts the productivity of security staff and resources. Learn more about DNS security.

Is Infoblox a software or hardware?

Infoblox Virtual Software for VMware is a full-featured software instance of Infoblox DDI and offers a full suite of core network services— including DNS, DHCP, IPAM, FTP, TFTP, HTTP and NTP protocol servers.

What are Infoblox products?

The Infoblox DDI Product Family enables companies to manage and control every aspect of their network infrastructure and delivered network services – from baseline service levels to partner offerings from Microsoft, VMware, F5, BMC, and others to Virtualization platforms – while minimizing operational overhead and …

Is Infoblox a DNS server?

Infoblox is the first, and currently only,DNS/DHCP/IP address management (DDI) solution provider to achieve Microsoft Gold Systems management competency in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Why do you need DNS protection?

DNS protection provides an additional layer of protection between an employee and the internet by blacklisting dangerous sites and filtering out unwanted content. By using secure DNS servers both at home and at work, employees can avoid unnecessary risks and the potential for malicious attacks.

What is Infoblox Grid?

An Infoblox Grid is a group of two or more NIOS and NIOS virtual appliances that share sections of a common, distributed, built-in database and which you configure and monitor through a single, secure point of access: the Grid Master. A Grid consists of a Master and at least one member.

How much does Infoblox cost?

Which one is Best?

SolarWinds IPAM Infoblox Trinzic IPAM for Microsoft
Change Control Workflows No No
Live Demo Yes No
Free Trial Software Yes – Free Trial Download Limited IPAM Freeware
Pricing 30 Day Free Trial! $1995(USD)/1000 IP Addresses Estimated starting price $12,000(USD) for virtual appliance*

What type of company is Infoblox?

IT automation and security company
Infoblox, formerly (NYSE:BLOX), is a privately held IT automation and security company based in California’s Silicon Valley.