What is PBS Line of Separation?

What is PBS Line of Separation?

What is PBS Line of Separation?

Line of Separation is the rare drama set in the World War II-era that examines reckonings in Germany, just after its surrender in 1945. Even before the depravity of the Holocaust was fully exposed, Germans were grappling with shame, anger and despair – as well as basic survival – in a truly war-torn country.

What happened to the Count’s second wife in Line of Separation?

The Count’s wife Caroline (Natalia Wörner) throws herself in front of the firing squad but, in saving the men’s lives, loses her own.

Who was Johanna in Line of Separation?

Johanna Bittenbinder, the face of Kathi Schober on the show, has made a good career for herself in German film and television, with a couple of turns on the German long-standing detective procedurals The Old Fox and Tatort, both of which are closing in on their 50th seasons.

How many seasons of Tannbach are there?

2 seasons
The series has 2 seasons and is known as ,”Line of Separation” in the United States. “Line of Separation” was picked up by PBS as a streaming offering….Tannbach (TV series)

Starring Heiner Lauterbach Natalia Wörner Henriette Confurius Jonas Nay
Original language German
No. of seasons 2 seasons
No. of episodes 6 episodes

Where is the Line of Separation?

It’s a curiously one-sided portrayal for an otherwise elegant show. For the show is just that: elegant. Its careful cinematography, courtesy of Clemens Messow, takes full advantage of the sprawling landscape of Kryry, the area of the Czech Republic where Line of Separation is filmed.

Where is Tannbach?

Tannbach is a brook that is 8.7 kilometres (5.4 mi) long in north-east Bavaria and southern Thuringia, Germany. The source is located east of Gefell in the Saale-Orla-Kreis district in Thuringia. Initially it flows south through Gebersreuth, a district of Gefell, before reaching Mödlareuth.

Is Line of Separation a true story?

Line Of Separation (which was known as Tannbach in its native Germany) is based on true-life events in the German town of Mödlareuth at the end of World War II.

Will there be a season 2 of Line of Separation?

Strong follow-up to season 1 But this second season of Line of Separation gives us an in-focus dramatization of the life-destroying, dehumanizing, banal and evil realities of socialism.

Where is Tannbach Germany?

How many episodes line separation?

3Tannbach / Number of episodes

Is Line of Separation based on a true story?

Is Line of Separation true?