What is the difference between RP24096 and RP25513?

What is the difference between RP24096 and RP25513?

What is the difference between RP24096 and RP25513?

From the United States. This is an identical Delta replacement. As others have stated the only difference between this part (RP24096) and the RP25513 is the included 1/4 stop. If you have your original part, you don’t need the slightly more expensive RP25513 because the 1/4 stop can be salvaged from your existing one.

Where is the model number on a Delta cartridge?

The model number is on all packaging, some faucets, and all installation instructions provided with your faucet. On the packaging, look near the UPC code or the top of the box. On the faucet, a model identification tag has been attached to most models manufactured since 2012.

How long do Delta faucet cartridges last?

Delta faucets last from a year to 30 or even 40 years. Each type and manufacturer has a tool to remove their cartridge. It’s the best bet to get it out without messing up the valve body.

How much does a delta cartridge cost?

A shower faucet cartridge costs $10 to $80 on average for the part alone….Shower cartridge replacement cost by brand.

Brand Shower cartridge unit price Total replacement cost
American Standard $15 – $50 $100 – $315
Delta $20 – $80 $105 – $345

Do all Delta faucets use the same cartridges?

Delta Monitor Faucets The Delta 1300 and 1400 Series Trim Kits include the single function cartridge. The Delta 1700 Series Trim Kits include the Dual-Function Cartridge. The 17T Series Trim Kits all come with the Dual-Function Thermostatic Valve Cartridge. Remember from before, ALL TRIM KITS USE THE SAME VALVE.

How do I know what Delta shower cartridge I have?

How to Identify a Delta Kitchen or Shower Faucet Model

  1. Make sure you have a Delta Faucet.
  2. Check packaging or instruction manual.
  3. If you have a model that was made before 2004, search online.
  4. Use the product identifier tool on Delta’s website.
  5. If all else fails, contact customer support.

Can I use Delta rp25513 instead of Delta rp1740?

The Delta RP25513 Stem Unit Assembly works for both hot and cold valve sides. We recommend changing the direction of the stem to change the orientation of the handle. Best Regards, Rosanna Hi Jay, Thank you for your question. Stem RP22513 can be used in place of RP1740.

What are the dimensions of the rp25513?

RP25513 1.13 ounces 2.87 x 1.81 x 1.02 inches STM25513 No 1 2 Batteries Included? No Batteries Required? No Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Video Player is loading. This is a modal window. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Don’t buy, call Delta for their free lifetime warranty on parts…

Are Delta cartridges any good?

These cartridges are from Delta (not cheap knock-offs) and they fit and work perfectly.

What is the difference between rp24096 and rp25513 stem?

The only difference is that the RP25513 Stem includes a 1/4 turn stop while the RP24096 does not include the 1/4 stop. The 1/4 turn stop by itself is part number RP24097.