What is wall protection?

What is wall protection?

What is wall protection?

For decades, wall protection was primarily used in healthcare environments to prevent scratches, dents and gouges to walls that would compromise the structure and interior aesthetic. This can be accomplished by incorporating handrails, crash rails, corner guards and rigid sheet into a facility.

What is Acrovyn wall protection?

Our Acrovyn® brand is synonymous with building interior wall protection, offering flexibility for designers and real world savings for building owners and operators. Renowned for its durability and wide range of uses Acrovyn® protects interior walls, doors and corners against damage from pedestrian and wheeled traffic.

How can I protect my walls from wheelchair damage?

Install wheelchair wall guards to protect your walls from this damage. Wall guards come in a variety of colors that you can match to your decor. Guards also come in various sizes, and they are available in clear plastic, white plastic or aluminum covered in vinyl.

What is Acrovyn?

What is Acrovyn 4000? An engineered PETG that is free of PVC, phthalates, persistent bioaccumulative toxins (PBT) and bisphenol A (BPA). It has a contemporary texture for improved aesthetics and cleanability and is available in variety of Chameleon™ simulated patterns and Acrovyn solid colors.

What is the wall guard called?

1. End Wall Guards. End wall guards are also known as end wall caps, end wall protectors, or U-channels.

What is wall bumper?

Wall bumper products are used in production areas and especially in facilities that require high hygiene. Wall bumper products offer hygiene. In production facilities and storage areas that require high hygiene, a wall bumper is important to prevent bacteria formation and be cleaned more easily.

What Are spoke guards?

Home / Non classé / Spoke Guards. The Physipro Spoke Guards are used to keep your fingers out of danger while providing a personal touch to the wheelchair. They are designed to fit all types of wheels with secure attachment, made ​​of lightweight, durable polycarbonate and are sold in pairs.

What material is Acrovyn made from?

Materials: Acrovyn product has traditionally been PVC-free (made from PETG plastic), although much of their range is now available in PVC in recent years. Acculine’s Palladium Rigid Vinyl products consists of a PVC base material.

How can I protect my wall corner?

Corner wall guards wrap around the corners where two walls meet. Since corners are likely to sustain damage in the event of an accidental impact, reinforcing them with wall corner guards can reduce the likelihood of unsightly dents, chips, or scratches. Plastic, vinyl, or metal corner guards are the best options.

How do I protect my walls?

Cover the walls with drop cloths, blankets or cardboard Ultimately, the best direct way to protect your walls during a move is to cover them with drop cloths or blankets. That way, the soft protective materials will absorb any accidental hits and will keep both the walls and your furniture items 100% safe.

What is bumper rail?

Acrovyn Crash Rails, often called bumper rails or bumper guards, offer a full range of wall protection, including simple accent rail designs to heavy duty rubber wall bumpers.