What is Wolfram syndrome?

What is Wolfram syndrome?

What is Wolfram syndrome?

The hallmark features of Wolfram syndrome are high blood sugar levels resulting from a shortage of the hormone insulin (a condition called diabetes mellitus ) and progressive vision loss due to degeneration of the nerves that carry information from the eyes to the brain (a condition called optic atrophy).

What does Glycogenosis mean?

Glycogenosis is a broad term for a group of genetic disorders that cause the abnormal use and storage of glycogen in the body’s tissues.

What is lobular inflammation of liver?

A focus of lobular inflammation can be defined as two or more inflammatory cells (neutrophils, lymphocytes and other mononuclear cells, eosinophils and microgranulomas) within the lobule present within the sinusoids or surrounding injured hepatocytes (ballooned or apoptotic hepatocytes). [

Does sugar affect the liver?

It can harm your liver, too. The organ uses one type of sugar, called fructose, to make fat. Too much refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup causes a fatty buildup that can lead to liver disease. Some studies show that sugar can be as damaging to the liver as alcohol, even if you’re not overweight.

Does insulin affect liver enzymes?

While insulin itself is not hepatotoxic and has not been linked to serum enzyme elevations or instances of clinically apparent liver injury, high doses including overdoses of insulin and glucose can result in hepatic glycogenosis and serum aminotransferase elevations.

What is the pathophysiology of Mauriac syndrome?

Mauriac syndrome: A rare complication of type 1 diabetes mellitus. Liver biopsy in the setting of Mauriac syndrome demonstrates steatosis and glycogen deposition, although findings can vary in presentation.[ 4] Poor T1DM control leads to fatty acid transport to the liver due to hyperglycemia and low insulin levels,…

Is Mauriac syndrome a complication of Type 1 diabetes?

Mauriac syndrome: A rare complication of type 1 diabetes mellitus. To conclude, Mauriac syndrome is a rare complication of poorly controlled diabetes mellitus in adolescence, but the treating physician should keep a high index of suspicion for this so that proper growth can be accomplished with timely intervention.

How many articles on liver disease are published in journals?

As per available reports about 14 Relevant Journals, 03 Conferences are presently dedicated exclusively to Liver disease and about 954 articles are being published on Liver disease. Liver disease also called as Hepatic disease is a damage to the liver. Liver disease can occur through several mechanisms.