What kind of car is a Fiat 147?

What kind of car is a Fiat 147?

What kind of car is a Fiat 147?

The Fiat 147 was a three-door hatchback compact car produced by Fiat in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais from autumn 1976 until 1987, when it was replaced by the Fiat Uno. It was the Brazilian variant of the Fiat 127.

When did the Fiat 147 Panorama come out?

The original 147 Pickup (late 1978) sat on the regular 147 bottom plate, but this bodystyle was changed to the longer Panorama chassis in 1981. The Panorama was also available with the diesel engine, mainly for European export but also for assembly in Uruguay, where the Panorama was sold as the Fiat 148.

Is the Fiat 124 Spider a roadster?

A ROADSTER WITH STREET CRED. The FIAT® 124 Spider is a classic roadster in every sense of the term. First introduced in 1966, it brought performance, style and luxurious finishes to the masses.

What kind of oil does a Fiat® 124 Spider take?

Your FIAT ® 124 Spider takes 5W-40 full-synthetic oil, which is commonly used in modern cars and light trucks. IS THE FIAT® 124 SPIDER REAR-WHEEL DRIVE? Yes, both the FIAT ® 124 Spider and 124 Spider Abarth feature rear-wheel drive.

What kind of engine does a 1981 GM Firebird have?

“A new Efficiency System complements Firebird’s aerodynamics.” 1981 Firebird sales brochure Trans Ams received GM’s new “Computer Command Control,” one of the first instances of a computer controlled engine. Max horsepower, found in the turbo charged V8, dropped from 210 to 200 this year.

When did the Chevy 147 come out in Argentina?

Argentinian production of the 147, with the Brazilian 1,049 cc engine, began in summer of 1981. In October 1982, the 1,116 cc four-cylinder unit replaced this engine. In May 1983 a five-speed transmissions arrived for the new, somewhat sporty TR 5. This also received a 60 PS (44 kW) 1. 3 liter engine. The 1.