What movie is everybody wants to be a cat from?

What movie is everybody wants to be a cat from?

What movie is everybody wants to be a cat from?

The AristocatsEv’rybody Wants to Be a Cat / Movie

Who sang Everybody wants to be a cat?

Phil Harris
Liz EnglishScatman CrothersThurl Ravenscroft
Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat/Artists

Who wrote the song Everybody wants to be a cat?

Floyd HuddlestonEv’rybody Wants to Be a Cat / LyricistFloyd Huddleston was an American songwriter, screenwriter, and television producer. Wikipedia

What genre is everybody wants to be a cat?

Children’s MusicEv’rybody Wants to Be a Cat / Genre

Are The Aristocats French?

Despite being an American animated movie set in Paris, France, “The Aristocats” was released on video cassette firstly in Italy in 1994 while in France (and in the rest of the world with the exception of the USA and Canada), it was released later on video cassette in 1995 (and much later in the USA and Canada for the …

Who is Toulouse in Aristocats?

Toulouse is a character in The Aristocats. He is an orange colored kitten who is the oldest child of Duchess and the older brother of Marie and Berlioz. He was voiced by Gary Dubin.

What are the name of the Aristocats?

In 1910, mother cat Duchess and her three kittens (Berlioz, Marie, and Toulouse) live in Paris with retired opera diva Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, and her English butler, Edgar. The cats are pampered pets that live a luxurious lifestyle, and are very cultured in art and music like their owner.

When did Aristocats come out?

December 24, 1970 (USA)The Aristocats / Release date

Is there a Aristocats 2?

“To make a long story short, The Aristocats 2 was eventually shelved because there was skepticism by the executives that it would find sufficient audience in an ever more competitive market. It’s one of those disappointing things that happen in the film business from time to time, but it may have been a wise call.