What phobia does LeBron James have?

What phobia does LeBron James have?

What phobia does LeBron James have?

“That’s one of my biggest obstacles,” he said in an interview with Chris Broussard for ESPN The Magazine. “I’m afraid of failure. I want to succeed so bad that I become afraid of failing.”

What injury did LeBron suffer in 2004?

First stint with Cavaliers (2003-10)

Season Age Injury/Reason
2004-05 20 Sprained left ankle
2005-06 21 Sprained left ankle
2005-06 21 Sprained left ankle
2006-07 22 Sprained right big toe

What did LeBron say about his injury?

After the March 27 contest against the Pelicans, James told reporters that he didn’t want to miss any future games, but he admitted that his ankle felt “horrible.” “I mean, I have no idea how I finished the game, to be honest, after watching that replay,” James said. “It’s pretty nasty.”

What is Kobe Bryant biggest fear?

In an old interview, Kobe talked about the worst fears of people, explaining that the biggest fear of all ‘is yourself’. “The greatest fear you face is yourself. We all have dreams and it’s very scary sometimes, so accept the dream that you have is scary to say ‘I want that’.

Has LeBron ever missed a game due to injury?

James, who has missed five of the last six games after suffering the injury against the Pelicans on Mar. 27, is expected to make a full recovery.

Has LeBron ever played with an injury?

LeBron James will miss the Los Angeles Lakers’ final two games of the season due to an ankle injury. The team re-evaluated James’ injury and determined it best he sit for the rest of the season. James sustained the injury March 27.

What happened to LeBron?

Lakers announce LeBron James to miss remainder of season with sprained ankle. The sprained ankle that has sidelined LeBron James down the stretch will ultimately cost him the rest of the season, the Lakers announce on Friday. If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission.

What happened to LeBron James?

It was the first thought that raced not just through the minds of Lakers fans watching Sunday night’s game against but LeBron James himself when he went down with an ankle injury midway through the second quarter.

Does LeBron James have an ankle injury?

After a brief moment of worry, LeBron James shook off an ankle injury on Sunday against the Grizzlies If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. “Not again.”

What did LeBron James say about Kawhi Leonard?

Sorry fans wish you guys were seeing all your fav guys right now.” James’ comments came after a report the Clippers fear Kawhi Leonard suffered an ACL injury, putting his status for the rest of the postseason in question. The Clippers were tied 2-2 with the Jazz in the Western Conference semifinals entering Wednesday.

How many minutes did LeBron James play in the Grizzlies game?

After pulling up his bootstraps, figuratively and literally, James went on to play a game-high 40 minutes on Sunday, helping the Lakers see out a 121-118 win over the Grizzlies for their first victory of the year.