Who is Midorima Shintarou based on?

Who is Midorima Shintarou based on?

Who is Midorima Shintarou based on?

I also think the back and forth with Midorima is a reference to Magic’s rivalry Larry Bird. Midorima – Larry Bird (Green from Celtics colors): Larry Bird was one of the best shooters in the game ever, and I think that’ where they got Midorima’s ability.

Why does Midorima dislike Kuroko?

Midorima seems unable to stand Kuroko, because he acknowledges Kuroko even though he doesn’t have any physicial capabilities and can’t do anything on his own. He hates that Kuroko is not ambitious enough and that he chose a new and relatively unknown team like Seirin.

Does Midorima miss a shot?

Miyaji is able to steal the ball away from Hyūga, and Kagami jumps in front of Midorima when he tries to make a shot. Instead of shooting, Midorima fakes going for a shot, but the ball is barely touched by Kagami which makes Midorima’s shot miss.

Is Kagami based on Michael Jordan?

No wonder, since it’s the author’s favorite manga. Taiga Kagami can be considered an Expy of Hanamichi Sakuragi for all the same reasons that he’s a dunk-happy Expy of Michael Jordan mixed with Blake Griffin (Kagami is obviously a better scorer and shooter than the rebound king Hanamichi though).

Why does Midorima have no zone?

Since it’s shown that Kise and Midorima have practiced more than Aomine and were the members of Generations of Miracles, they were still not able to get in the Zone.

What type of girl does Murasakibara like?

MURASAKIBARA: He likes tall girls better, and wouldn’t mind a little heavier girl either. He cares more about how she feels and how she smells rather than hair color, eye color or race. HIMURO: He’s more into short girls who have cute personalities. Blonde girls with blue eyes seem to fit this personality a lot more.

Who voices Shintaro Midorima in Kuroko’s basketball?

Daisuke Ono is the Japanese voice of Shintaro Midorima in Kuroko’s Basketball. TV Show: Kuroko’s Basketball. Franchise: Kuroko’s Basketball.

What did Midorima say to Kuroko before the game began?

Before the game begins, Midorima confronts Kuroko commenting that he didn’t think he would make it so far, and that the decision he made was wrong and foolish. The tip-off between Kagami and Ōtsubo in which Seirin leads with the ball and a Kuroko-Kagami alley-oop but is blocked by Midorima who calls it disappointing.

What is Kuroko’s basketball?

Kuroko’s Basketball. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Kuroko’s Basketball, known in Japan as Kuroko no Basket (黒子のバスケ), is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. The English rendering The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays also appears in the artwork of the Japanese version.

How did Midorima join the basketball team?

Midorima joined the basketball team when he entered Teikō Junior High School and because of his exceptional shooting accuracy and shooting range, eventually belonged to the regulars of the team. Some time in those three years, when Akashi was made captain, Midorima served as vice-captain.