Who owns Gannon Homes?

Who owns Gannon Homes?

Who owns Gannon Homes?

Gerry Gannon
Gannon Homes was founded in 1984 by its owner and Managing Director, Gerry Gannon. Today, Gerry’s children have followed him into the business, surrounded by an experienced team of 33 top industry professionals.

Who are the biggest developers in Ireland?


  • Kingspan. Kingspan manufactures insulation and building envelope solutions for the construction industry.
  • Glenveagh Properties Plc. Glenveagh Properties PLC is an Irish homebuilder listed on Euronext Dublin and the London Stock Exchange.
  • Cairn Homes.
  • Kirby Group Engineering.
  • E & I Engineering Ireland.

Who is the biggest house builder in Ireland?

The chief executive of Cairn Homes, the country’s largest housebuilder, said annual peak new supply will reach only 25,000 in the coming years, meaning too few homes will be built to keep the housing crisis and runaway rents under control.

Who is Luke Comer?

Galway-born Luke Comer, 47, and his 45-year-old brother Brian began their working lives in London as plasterers. They are now the millionaire owners of property company Comer Homes. The brothers have made a fortune in the past 15 years converting old properties in London into houses and apartments.

How do real estate developers get rich?

Your equity will be a primary source of your profits at the end of the project. The developer typically also collects developer fees as the project progresses that range from 5% to 10%. Many developers continue as property managers until all of the houses are sold.

Who owns Cairn Homes Ireland?

Michael Stanley
Cairn Homes

Type Public limited company
Industry Construction and Real Estate Development
Founded 12 November 2014 (IPO 10 June 2015)
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Key people Michael Stanley, CEO Alan McIntosh, Founder

Who owns the Comer Group?

Luke and Brian Comer
Luke and Brian Comer are Irish billionaire property developers and the founders and owners of the Comer Group, a privately owned UK property development company.

How much is the Comer Group worth?

Today their company, the Comer Group, an international commerical property company and award winning developer of luxury homes, has residential and commercial interests in Germany, the UK and Ireland. Their assets are worth £2.25 billion.

Do real estate developers make millions?

All of this requires an individual developer to hire a team of specialists to bring the project to fruition (architect, civil engineer, general contractor, realtor, etc.). According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), developers average about $3 million in gross profit on $16.23 million in revenue.