How many professors are at Texas A&M?

How many professors are at Texas A&M?

How many professors are at Texas A&M?

To facilitate getting in touch with any of the 3,500-plus faculty members of Texas A&M, the following faculty directories provide contact information as well as bios, vitas, research areas, areas of expertise, and office locations.

What is the typical class size at Texas A&M?

the highest average class size of 31.9 students per section for Mays Business School; to the lowest average class size of 9.1 students per section for College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. courses; 35.0 for undergraduate upper division courses; and 15.3 for graduate level courses. experiences the class.

How many students are at Texas A&M College Station?

72,982 (2021)Texas A&M University / Total enrollment

Is Texas A&M a prestigious school?

It is ranked No. 21 overall and No. 11 among public universities in Washington Monthly magazine’s annual ranking of the top U.S. colleges. Texas A&M is the state’s only school to be ranked among the top 30 national universities and is also ranked No.

How much do TAMU professors make?

The typical Texas A&M University Professor salary is $163,325 per year. Professor salaries at Texas A&M University can range from $108,040 – $391,315 per year.

What is the student to faculty ratio at Baylor university?

The student to faculty ratio is 16 to 1. The average undergraduate class size is 28. More than 100,000 Baylor alumni reside in Texas. Baylor is pursuing research growth and will be Texas’ next Tier 1 research university.

What is the largest university system in Texas?

Texas A&M University
Below are some of the biggest universities in Texas….Biggest Universities in Texas.

Rank School Enrollment
1 Texas A&M University 62,915
2 The University of Texas at Austin 51,427
3 University of Houston 42,704
4 The University of Texas at Arlington 41,712

How much does the president of Texas A&M make?

Michael K. Young, $1,893,740, Texas A&M University—College Station.